WooCommerce banners on blogs

How to display a WooCommerce banner on a blog

In this tutorial, you can learn how to embed your products as WooCommerce banners on other pages of your website. With such WooCommerce ads, you can, for example, draw your blogs’ visitors’ attention to related products, start cross-selling, and increase the number of your sales.

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Google Ad Manager Tutorials

Fixing “defineSlot was called without a matching googletag.display call”

Did you try to implement ad codes from Google Ad Manager into your website and saw the following or a similar error: “googletag.defineslot was called without a matching googletag.display call”? In this tutorial, you will learn more about the causes, consequences, and solutions that allow developers to fix the problem or resolve it yourself without coding skills.

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a/b testing in WordPress

A/B-Testing and ad optimization

This tutorial will guide you through planning, running, and evaluating A/B tests and split tests in WordPress using Advanced Ads to improve the performance of your ads.

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Interstitial Ads

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to integrate interstitial ads into your WordPress website and how to embed them according to Google.

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How to manage ads on membership sites running Paid Memberships Pro

If you use the Paid Memberships Pro plugin on your website, you can benefit from some features thanks to a dedicated integration with Advanced Ads Pro. Use them to manage your ads on restricted membership content as well as to target your visitors’ membership levels. Basic setup for ads in Paid Memberships Pro The free […]

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Anzeigen auf einer Membership-Seite von Paid Memberships Pro verwalten

Wenn du das Plugin Paid Memberships Pro auf deiner Website verwendest, stehen dir dank einer Integration in Advanced Ads Pro einige spezielle Features zur Verfügung. So kannst du sehr komfortabel sowohl Anzeigen auf geschützten Mitgliederbereichen verwalten als auch Anzeigen gezielt an Benutzer definierbarer Membership-Levels ausspielen. Grundlegende Einstellungen für Anzeigen in Paid Memberships Pro Paid Memberships […]

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