How to manage ads on membership sites running Paid Memberships Pro

If you use the Paid Memberships Pro plugin on your website, you can benefit from some features thanks to a dedicated integration with Advanced Ads Pro. Use them to manage your ads on restricted membership content as well as to target your visitors’ membership levels. Basic setup for ads in Paid Memberships Pro The free […]

How to integrate The Moneytizer into WordPress

The Moneytizer is a large advertising platform which optimizes ads from several ad networks like AdSense or Criteo. Users of Advanced Ads regularly ask us how to implement The Moneytizer ads into their WordPress websites so we wrote the following tutorial. You will learn about the different ad formats, how to use Advanced Ads for […]

AdSense Payment or how and when does AdSense pay

Some of the most important questions for website owners who use AdSense to generate revenue from ads are about how to receive their money. So in this article, I listed the most important questions that my clients and commenters keep asking me regarding AdSense payments. What do I need to set up? Before getting paid […]

Fix ads in your content when scrolling

The Advanced Ads team is the new maintainer of the famous Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin and now takes care of over 100,000 websites using this plugin. I see a lot of potential combining the features of Advanced Ads and Fixed Widget when it comes down to improving the visibility of ads and other content, like […]

WP Engine and ads

WP Engine hosting can be tricky with ads. Thanks to our developer accounts we found a few solutions to make it work with Advanced Ads.

Fixing a responsive AdSense ad from covering text

Most AdSense ads are responsive, which means that they adapt dynamically to the available width of the screen. This ad type is great when it comes to layouts that fit on desktop as well as mobile devices. There is one issue I am aware of that causes publishers a headache: when you show a responsive ad next […]

How to integrate ads and products in WordPress is one of the largest networks for affiliates who run destination sites or travel blogs. In the Affiliate Partner Center of, you can find different types of customizable ads like search boxes, deal finders or banner generators. This tutorial shows you how to use Advanced Ads to integrate and optimize ads into […]

AdSense ad type not available

If you see the This ad type can currently not be imported from AdSense warning then please read the following. Advanced Ads now comes with a new option to get all your ad units from your AdSense account automatically. While this feature can save you a lot of time, it comes with certain limitations. AdSense has a few […]

How to define a specific order in a group

If you combine ads in our Ordered group type, they will be checked in the given order. The first ad that is checked with a positive result, is also displayed. Some users are expecting that this group can rotate ads evenly, e.g., show ad #1 first, then ad #2, #3, etc, and finally start again with #1. […]

How to set up AdSense Matched Content Ads in WordPress

AdSense Matched Content ads are a native ad format that engages users and helps to increase ad revenue. Placed below the content, it recommends more of your articles to keep users longer on your site and displays relevant ads at the same time. This is how it might look like based on an example from AdSense. […]

WPAds alternative and how to migrate

WPAds was one of the first free plugins for managing ads on WordPress sites. Many webmasters are still using this tiny tool. Even though we took over its support and fixed major bugs, the plugin features are outdated and will not receive updates any longer. To ensure the functionality and the security of your website, you […]

Ads and security

Advanced Ads is restrictive about who can manage ads on your site. By default, this is only the admin. However, allowing all kinds of codes in the Plain Text ad type is still a risky business if you just copy and paste ad codes from external sources. I wanted to use this article to give […]

How to add the Facebook Pixel to WordPress

Facebook’s retargeting technology helps you to track conversions and build custom audiences to better target your Facebook ads. To get started, you need to implement the Facebook Pixel to your website. In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to do that in WordPress using Advanced Ads. Create and get the Facebook Pixel The […]

How to lazy load ads in WordPress?

Lazy Load is a technology to prevent that objects on a website are getting loaded before they would appear in the visible area of the visitor. This keeps the loading time of a website at a minimum and improves its performance. Lazy loading is a very common concept to handle images. We developed a Lazy […]

How to integrate Amazon ads, widgets and Amazon OneLink in WordPress

The Amazon Associates Program is one of the largest and most successful networks for affiliates who recommend and sell products. There are several ways to create and display ads for it. This tutorial will show how you can use Advanced Ads to manage Amazon ads on your site. Amazon OneLink Amazon OneLink is a simple […]