Google Adsense ad sizes

This guide reveals Google AdSense ad sizes including responsive vs. fixed options, top performers, and A/B testing secrets for maximal profit.

How to select ideal affiliate products for your website

Choosing the right affiliate products isn’t just about picking something popular. This guide dives deep into understanding your audience, analyzing product demand and commission rates, to help you select ideal products that resonate with your website and generate revenue.

How to monetize a travel blog

Dreaming of transforming your travel blog into a sustainable income source? This guide unveils the secrets! Explore effective monetization strategies like affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and digital products. Discover how to leverage your captivating travel experiences to build a successful online business.

WPAds alternative and how to migrate to Advanced Ads

WPAds was one of the first free plugins for managing ads on WordPress sites. Many web admins are still using this tiny tool. Even though we took over its support and fixed major bugs, the plugin features are outdated and will not receive updates any longer. You should switch to our continuously maintained Advanced Ads plugin … Read more

Affiliate Links

Master affiliate links with Advanced Ads. Increase your earnings and learn how to leverage trust, boost conversions, and optimize your affiliate marketing strategies step-by-step in this tutorial.

Parallax Ads

In this tutorial, you will learn more about different ad formats using parallax effects like interscroller or understitial ads, and how to realize them in WordPress.

Manage revenue share on multi-author blogs – ads per author

In this tutorial, you’ll discover why a revenue share setup is beneficial and how to create ad units for authors. Follow a step-by-step guide to apply ads to specific authors, define the revenue share model, and integrate it into your existing ad setup.

How to integrate ads into LearnDash

Follow this tutorial to monetize your LearnDash courses with Advanced Ads and integrate targeted ads into your lessons to boost your income!

How to embed ads in the comment section

Learn how to generate revenue from lively user discussions and interactions on your website by inserting ads between comment. This tutorial covers creating a Custom Position placement, defining the selector, using the frontend picker, and embedding multiple ads.

How to embed ads into a website built with the SiteOrigin page builder

Are you looking to embed ads from networks like Google AdSense into your website built with the SiteOrigin page builder? Advanced Ads is the perfect tool for the job. This tutorial will show you how to manually insert ads from any ad network into your posts and pages using SiteOrigin page builder widgets. You’ll also … Read more

How to embed Amazon ads on your WordPress website

This tutorial will show how to integrate, target, and track all available official advertising tools like text links, banner ads, Native Shopping Ads, Mobile Popovers, or specific promotions.

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