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Experience expert-grade optimization tools, track performance, customize reports, and maximize your campaigns’ revenue.

Track your ads and monitor their performance

Get unparalleled insights into your ad performance with cutting-edge tracking options to take your ad performance to the next level. With our intuitive tracking tools, you can easily monitor clicks and impressions and gain valuable insights into the performance of your ads.

Advanced Ads, Features, Tracking by Tracking
Advanced Ads, Features, Reports

Create statistics and reports

Discover the secret to successful advertising with Advanced Ads’ comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. Identify and optimize low-performing ads, create custom reports, and share them with your clients for even greater results!

Integrate with Google Analytics

Get even more revealing details to optimize your website’s performance with the optional Google Analytics integration. Analyze granular data on your ad performance and combine it with other metrics for a full view of your website’s potential. Plus, offloading impression tracking to Google Analytics means faster loading times and server performance.

Advanced Ads, Features, Google Analytics
Advanced Ads, Features, Link Masking

Advanced Ads’ link cloaking feature is a powerful tool for customizing links and keeping track of click-through rates and other important metrics while also providing a more visually appealing and user-friendly experience. Display shortened URLs that mask long and complicated original links.

Unlock your full revenue potential with our tools

Single site

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5 sites

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20 sites

for large pub­lish­ing com­pa­nies
Is your site ready for the full Ad Toolbox with Tracking, PopUp Ads, Sticky Ads, and much more? Check out All Access.

Prices include updates and support for one year, excluding VAT. You may cancel at any time. See pricing page for details.

Top features


Track impressions and clicks

Record the key metrics of your ad performance.

Calculate CTR

Calculate CTR

Auto-calculate the CTR values of your ad units.

Google Analytics

Connect with Google Analytics

Combine impressions and clicks with any other metrics in Google Analytics.



Send email reports for your ads or share statistics with your clients.

Link Attributes

Automatically add nofollow or sponsored attributes to your ads.



See ad statistics in your dashboard by day, week, or month.

Stats Management

Stats management

Import and export your statistics as a CSV file.

Ad Limits

Ad limits

Limit ad views to a certain amount of impressions or clicks.

Ad Planning

Ad planning

Spread impressions and clicks over a given period.

Link Cloaking

Create performable links with nicer URL slugs.

Uninterrupted Flow

Uninterrupted flow

Open individual ads in a new window.

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

The All Access pass is by far the best deal and includes all available tools and functions, including Tracking and Sticky Ads.

You need a license activation for each website. Activations on staging sites don’t count towards your limit if they meet the requirements for test sites.

In a multisite network, you can install and activate our add-ons on as many component sites as your license has activations left. Learn more about Advanced Ads on multisites.

Yes, you can always upgrade to All Access from the Tracking add-on, from a lesser to a larger number of sites, or switch to our long-term deal. You will only pay the difference between what you’ve already paid and the price of the new package. Read more about upgrades.

Advanced Ads can only be installed on WordPress sites where you are able to install plugins freely.

However, you can use the ad server feature or the REST API to deliver ads from a WordPress website to non-WordPress websites.

We’re happy to offer refunds within 30 days of your initial purchase. There are no other conditions or hidden policies—just let us know, and we’ll process your refund immediately. You can find more information about our refund policy here.

Tracking FAQ

You can run the Advanced Ads tracking and Google Analytics tracking in parallel and benefit from both. Find instructions on how to set this up here.

Since Advanced Ads uses an optimized AJAX call for tracking and not admin-ajax.php, the performance impact is not noticeable. Alternatively, you can connect the tracking with Google Analytics.

No, the recording of ad statistics starts only when the Tracking Add-on is activated. The statistics do not include ad clicks and impressions from the past.

Advanced Ads can track clicks and impressions for all ad formats and networks, including manually inserted ads from Google AdSense and Amazon.

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There is not much we haven’t seen yet and we are happy to share our insights with you.

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