ad stats graphWhether you are selling ads directly, want to control ad impressions and clicks or are just interested in how often specific ads are displayed, you might like the Advanced Ads Tracking add-on.

The WordPress plugin counts the ad impressions and clicks, and provides beautiful graphs to show them for a given period.

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  • choose from one of 4 methods to count impressions
  • track impressions or clicks locally or with Google Analytics
  • spread impressions and clicks over a period when an expiry date is set
  • enable or disable tracking for all ads by default
  • enable or disable tracking for each ad individually
  • track clicks
  • wrap ads with links or place links manually
  • dynamically attach page id, slug or category to external links
  • disable tracking for bots and crawlers
  • open individual ads in a new window
  • add nofollow attribute to links
  • track events on external sites (experimental)

Ad Planning

  • limit ad views to a certain amount of impressions or clicks


  • see stats of all or individual ads in your dashboard
  • view impressions by day, week, or month
  • display stats in a table and graph
  • compare stats for ads
  • compare stats with the previous or next periodremove stats for all or single ads
  • filter stats by ad groups
  • public stats for a single ad – e.g. to show clients
  • send email reports for all or individual ads to different emails
  • combine impressions and clicks with other metrics in Google Analytics

Stats Management

  • export stats as csv
  • import stats from csv
  • compress old stats
  • remove old stats

Support and updates for 1 year, unlimited usage afterwards.

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