Purchases and Licenses

License duration

Licenses are limited to one year of updates and support. The license key stays valid when your license is renewed automatically or manually. After the license key expired, you can still use the plugin but have no longer access to support or downloads.

An exception is our long-term offer that saves you up to 35% compared to individually purchasing our add-ons. That product comes with four years of support and updates.

License keys

You get the license keys for add-ons after the purchase from:

  • the confirmation page that shows up right after the purchase
  • the purchase receipt sent via email (please also look into your spam filter for emails from @wpadvancedads.com)
  • your account

In case you purchased the Pro Bundle (deprecated), you also received an additional license key. It is only needed to upgrade or extend the license later.


You can upgrade your purchase either to a package with more activations, from a single add-on, or the All Access offer paying only the difference.

Visit the Upgrades section in your customer account to see all possible upgrade options.

Upgrades are only possible for active licenses. If your license expired, you either need to renew it first or purchase the higher package directly.

An upgrade will inherit the expiration date of the purchase you upgraded from.

Examples for upgrades

1. Single add-on to All Access

  • You originally purchased: Advanced Ads Pro for 1 site for €49 on November 10th, 2020.
  • Upgrade to: All Access for 1 site for €40 (original price €89)
  • Upgrade date: January 10th, 2021

When upgrading Advanced Ads Pro to All Access for a single site, you would only pay €40 (€89 minus €49). The All Access license will be valid until November 10th, 2021.

2. All Access to All Access long-term

  • You originally purchased: All Access, 20 sites for €249 on July 20th, 2020.
  • Upgrade to: All Access long-term (4 years), 20 sites for €400 (original price €649)
  • Upgrade date: December 20th, 2020

The upgrade price is €400 (€649 minus €249). The expiry date will be extended until July 20th, 2024 (4 years starting with the original purchase date).

Upgrading to All Access long-term always makes sense when you intend to keep Advanced Ads for a while.


To downgrade your package to fewer activations or a single add-on, you first need to cancel the subscription related to the package. When the license expires, just make a new purchase of the package and switch the old with the new license keys.


You can change the payment method for subscriptions or cancel an automatic renewal for Advanced Ads products in the Manage Subscriptions section in your account.

Check out your Advanced Ads subscriptions

Update credit card information

If your credit card details change and your subscriptions fail, you can update them in your account.

In your account, go to Manage subscriptions and click on the “Update Payment Method” link in the last column to change your credit card information for the active subscription.

The link is only visible if you paid with a credit card and have an active subscription. If you paid with PayPal, please update your payment details there.

You don’t need to update your card details if you don’t have an active subscription. Just choose another payment method during your next purchase.

You can remove credit cards from being used for future purchases under Edit Profile in your account.

Change Payment service

Changing the payment method for existing subscriptions is possible:

  • from credit card to PayPal
  • from PayPal to credit card
  • from one PayPal account to another one

The easiest way to change the payment method is to manually renew the existing license and pay with the desired mode, e.g., PayPal.

If you have an older subscription with a renewal discount, you will lose that discount this way. In this case, please contact our support directly.

Manual Renewals

Most of our products come with automatic renewals. A manual renewal is only needed when your subscription is no longer active. You can find active subscriptions here.

If you don’t have an active subscription, you will receive an email from us containing a renewal link one week before the license expires. You also find this link under License Keys in your account.

How to renew your Advanced Ads license in your account.
If you don’t have a subscription, you can renew your license manually

If you have already added a product to your shopping cart, you will also find an option for renewal in the checkout.

Instead of buying a new product, you can enter your license key after clicking on Click to renew an existing license. The renewal appears as a separate product in the shopping cart, and you can remove the other one.

If you manually renew your license before the expiry date, the license is extended by an additional year, beginning when the current license would expire.

You can find the renewal link also in the checkout of our shop.
To renew your license, you don’t need to buy a new one

Early Renewals

If you renew your license before it is due, the license expiry and subscription renewal date get out of sync. In case you have an existing subscription, you might also see a notice like the following during checkout:

Your existing subscription to All Access will be cancelled and replaced with a new subscription that automatically renews yearly for €89.

See the following example of what is going to happen:

Let’s say your original purchase of All Access for a single site was on July 20th, 2022.

  • License valid until July 20th, 2023 (1 year)
  • Next payment is due on July 20th, 2023 (1 year)

Now you decide to renew your license early on November 25th, 2022. This will add another year to your license period while canceling the original subscription and starting a new one that renews after 1 year.

  • License valid until July 20th, 2024 (+1 year from the original expiry)
  • Next payment is due on July 20th, 2023 (1 year)
  • Next payment is due on November 20th, 2023 (1 year after the renewal)

We know the confusion that unsynchronized license and subscription periods can cause. The only solution we currently have is to prevent early renewals completely, which would prevent customers to use a time-sensitive discount to renew.

If you want the license period and subscription synced, you can cancel the subscription and wait for the license to expire. Taking the example above, you would cancel the subscription before it renews on November 20th, 2023, and then wait until after July 20th, 2024, to manually renew the license. License and subscription would then end again on the same day. Please note that this might also mean you might pay a higher price. So we suggest that you keep the subscriptions active as long as possible.

Pending PayPal payments

When paying via PayPal, we have observed in individual cases that users could not complete the transaction, and the status of their order remained as “Pending”. These users mainly linked their Paypal account linked to their credit card. Most cases of “Pendings” with Paypal are “eChecks” in the US-American area. PayPal checks their redemption often for a longer period of time.

In this case, users already received the access data to their account at Advanced Ads but were not yet able to access the purchased add-ins.

If Paypal sets any transaction as pending, some verification process is going on. After verifying the payment source, Paypal reviews the transaction and sends the payment to the recipient.

We cannot force that Paypal speeds up this process and can only see in our Paypal account — just like the affected users — when the order is complete.

If you are affected by this problem, you can only wait for PayPal to complete the verification. After that, the status of your order will automatically change, and you can access all add-on files.

Payment via PayPal is not possible

We noticed that some users could not pay with PayPal. The reason is that purchasing licenses with a subscription via PayPal only works if you have a credit card on file.

If you are affected by this problem, you can try to purchase a license without a subscription. This way, it should work.

Changing the billing address

You can change your profile data such as name and address in your account. We will reflect these changes in your future purchases. If you already have an active subscription and want to edit the billing data, please contact us.

Transferring a license

You have the following options to transfer a license to someone else:

  • You cancel the subscription and let the new owner renew the license manually using the license key in the checkout. They will then create their own account.
  • You give them full access to your current account and ask them to change the payment details and all other information. The original email address will stay the user name. If you need that to be changed then please reach out.
  • If neither of the above is currently an option, we can create a new account manually and move the payments of your choice there. Just send us the email address of the new account holder and the payments you want to transfer.


You can install and activate Advanced Ads and the add-ons on as many sites in your multisite network as your license has activations.

The license needs to be activated on the main blog in your network to allow automatic updates.

Test sites

When testing on a local, non-public site, you can activate our add-ons without it counting towards the activation limit. The URL simply needs to follow one of the patterns in the list below.

  • localhost
  • .dev
  • dev.
  • dev..
  • .local
  • staging.
  • .staging
  • staging.
  • staging-
  • .wpengine.com
  • .test
  • .test.

If you are running the plugin on one of those URLs, the activation works even if you hit your limit.

You can always manage activations in your account.

In case our license system cannot determine your site as non-public, you can just deactivate the license on your test environment to use it on your live site after testing. Just follow the advice under Moving your license to another URL.

You can also send us the URLs of your test sites if they are not detected automatically, and we will add them to your license.

If you need multiple activated licenses, then please check out the discounts we offer for larger volumes of license keys.

Moving a license to another URL

You can move a license from one URL to another.

First, disable the license. You can do this in the settings on your current website in Advanced Ads > Settings > Licenses. If you no longer have access to the site or Advanced Ads is no longer installed, you can remove the license from a URL through your account under License Key > Manage Sites.

Now you can activate the license on a new site through your WordPress backend under Advanced Ads > Settings > Licenses.

Issues with license activation

Your license should keep active during the renewal. If you have trouble here or after performing a manual renewal of your license, please re-establish your license under Advanced Ads > Settings> Licenses by clicking the “Update License” button.

If you are unable to activate your license, please check the following solutions:

  • First, please check your account, if your license is still valid and you have enough activations left.
  • Did you purchase a Bundle (deprecated)? In this case, there is an additional license key that is not for activation. You only need it if you want to renew your license manually – which is usually not required due to the subscriptions. Use the key that comes with every single add-on to activate it.
  • Make sure to disable an ad blocker in your browser or anti-virus software.
  • If you have a firewall, then please disable it or whitelist all calls made to https://wpadvancedads.com.
  • If the button doesn’t react at all, it could also be caused by a JavaScript issue. Please check your browser console for any errors and let us know if they are caused by Advanced Ads.

Try a few minutes later. Some calls to our website might fail when there are multiple license activation requests at the same time. Please try again a few minutes later.

Also, there seems to be an issue when /wp-admin is installed in a subfolder, e.g., /wp-admin/dev. Please contact us directly if you are experiencing that problem.

Update your server / ask your hosting company to do that for you, especially.

  • using the latest version of cURL
  • use a “stable” and not a “legacy” PHP version

Blocked by our Firewall

If you see a warning that you are blocked by our firewall, then please copy the IP address given next to the error and contact us.

Debug modus

Advanced Ads has a debug modus for license activations. Instead of the license activation or deactivation, it shows the response from our server. That can be helpful if a firewall or other technical problem breaks the activation.

You’d need to add the following line to your wp-config.php file to enable it.


Please try again to activate your license after you added this constant. You should see a lot of code now. Please make a screenshot or text copy and send it to us.

You must make sure that the above code is removed from wp-config.php again, or license activation won’t work.

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We offer refunds within 30 days after your initial purchase without any further conditions.

Exceptions from this are license renewals, upgrades, and violations against our terms.

We inform you about our renewals’ nature in multiple places on our website before the purchase and send out reminders a week before they happen.

You can cancel future renewal payments in your account.

Just contact us to get a refund if your initial purchase was made within the last 30 days.

Please notice, that refunds of credit card payments might take 10 days to arrive back in your bank account.

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