To deliver exceptional support – for free and pro users – and still have time to develop new feature, I’d ask you to read the information below before contacting me.

I read the information below and still need email support

Before contacting me, please check if your question can be answered here:

  • FAQ Below
  • Issues listed below the Ad Health item in the admin bar in the frontend
  • In your WP dashboard: Advanced Ads > Support > Possible issues
  • Manual
  • possible other resources like the Codex, Tutorials and Background information.

If your issue or question is still unsolved then please contact me directly


Most popular tutorials:

What to include in support requests

In order to answer your questions quickly and actionable I’d ask you to include the following information (if applicable) in your emails:

  • public url of your site
  • description of what and where ads (don’t) appear
  • screenshots from your settings (ad, group, placements)

Pre Sales and Pro Support

If you bought one of the add-ons or have a pre sales question regarding one of them, please don’t hesitate to write as well.