On this page, you can suggest a new feature or vote for other feature requests. The suggestions and votes help me to determine the next features but are not binding.

Submissions will be kept for about 3 months. If they don’t get more than 10 votes, I might remove them.

53 votes

[Pro|Selling] Email notification before an ad expires

Send an email notification to notify e.g. 5 day before an ad expires. That way we can go back to the client to see if they would like to renew and keep track of each individual ad that expires on a different date.
45 votes

[Pro] Automated split tests

Advanced Ads might automate the split-testing for me by monitoring clicks and then automatically "selecting" a winner to continue showing, like AdSense does.
42 votes

[Pro] temporal integration of ads also by hours

The temporal integration of ads works only for days, not for hours. For some advertisers an hourly control is required.
29 votes

Add multiple images on the same ad (e.g. devices, specific dates, etc.)

For example, a desktop image and a mobile image. And also an image to show "to" and another to show "from" (especific dates for ads rotation). Although it is contemplated, you have to create any of these as individual ads and manage those options on the Group. Giving the option on the ad itselfs avoids the creation of mutiple ads for the same product/campaign.
25 votes

Rename the name of the placement

For some reasons, such as a more meaningful name or a new purpose, renaming a placement is very useful.
25 votes

[Selling] Pre-booked ad space

Allow option for potential advertisers to pay for pre-booked spaces. Then when spaces are booked out, a notification will tell other advertisers that the specific space on those specific dates are currently full. Could be shown on a booking calendar? Even if this is not done on the front end, if spaces could be named, and linked to calendar, it would allowed potential advertisers to see what spaces are available, and when. This would then open other possibilities for advertisers to be put on a "waiting list" for cancellations, or encouraged to fill other spaces, offering "us" the highest income chances.
23 votes

[Selling] Bill for a period of time…

I would like to have the option to bill clients monthly, annually or by any other period of time.
22 votes

Insert Evenly Spaced Ads In Content Based on Content Length

The idea would be to allow a user to set an article length and define the number of ads that would be inserted into the content automatically. The ads would be evenly spaced and would be pulled from a predefined list of Ads, Placements, or Groups. Users could define multiple article lengths. For example: Under 600 Words: 3 Ads - Placements at 0% (START), 50%, 100% (END) 601-1000: 4 Ads - Placements at 0%, 33%, 66%, 100% 1000-1500: 5 Ads - Placements at 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% 1501+ Words: 6 Ads - Placements at 0, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100
22 votes

If adsense ad loads blank, display alternate ad

So sometimes adsense doesn't display an ad for whatever reason. It would be nice to have a way for Adv. Ads to detect this and then display an alternate ad (group?).
20 votes

Ads between comments

Display ads between comments, for example before last comment
19 votes

Parallax ads

Ads that are "pinned" behind content and show through at defined sections in the content. Just like: http://gallery.smartadserver.com/parallax
18 votes

[Pro | Selling ] Integrate selling with Woo-Commerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce Subscriptions is a paid add-on that allows subscription products to be auto-renewed at a certain time like many services that can be purchased on the Internet. This is perfect for my ad-selling use case where a monthly, quarterly or ad subscription auto-renews. Dev note: Advanced Ads would be happy to test this if any of our users would set it up on our test site.
16 votes

Preview Of Ad

A nice addition would be to have a preview of an ad (Not an image, but coded) to show up on the Edit Ad Page once the code is input in the Parameter Box. Obviously, such an option could turned on and off within the general settings of the plugin
15 votes

[Selling] Calendar in backend for admins

I have a lot of ad spaces across my website. Each ad space may have 1 ad, or maybe multiple ads. When clients book a specific space for a certain period of time for a future date, it's a lot of work keeping up with when a space is "fully booked". If there was a calendar that linked with created and scheduled ads, it could notify us on when a space is full and for what period of time.
14 votes

[Pro] Select position in content based on %

I would like to place at a percentage through post i.e. 50% rather than after say 8 paragraphs.
14 votes

[Sticky] Header Ad placement should not cover website header

The Sticky Header Ad covers the header of the site. Would be better to “push” the rest of the site down rather than cover the header. Also, for logged in users, the black WordPress Admin Bar covers the sticky header ad. Can the sticky header ad start below the WordPress Admin Bar when it is displayed?
12 votes

[Selling|Pro] Group ads by client

Currently, clients with multiple banners get one link for each banner. How about being able to group them by client so we can give them one link and they can get to all of their stats easily, or see the aggregate statistics.
11 votes

Add block editor to “rich content” editor

How about adding the Gutenberg editor option to Ad Type: Rich content editor? This would open up a whole new spectrum of ad creation.
10 votes

[Selling Ads] Additional options for clients

It would be great if products could be set up with the following options: - Let Customer select countries where the ad should be displayed - Let customer choose the Archive Categories where to place an ad
8 votes

[Selling Ads] setup banner image dimensions

1) add to the Selling ADS Product the image dimensions (for example 728x90) 2) setup an alert if the user tries to upload in the Creation ADS page an image with the wrong dimensions. In this way the user will upload only correct image dimensions for the correct placement
7 votes

[Selling] Self Renew for Advertisers Coupled with Auto Reminders

Feature Idea: Advertisers can renew (and pay for) their own ads. When business is good we have fifty or more advertisers. Keeping track of who is expiring when, following up with reminders and chasing them to pay is time consuming. Would like to see reminders about their ad expiration could go out automatically, starting a month before the ad expires, with two or three reminders spaced out, and the advertiser could click a link to renew (and pay for) their ad at any time.
7 votes

[Selling] Ad limits per group

Would love to see the ability to limit the number of ads shown in a group and disable the ad from the store if that limit is reached.
6 votes

[Pro] Animations for Ad rotation

When using the in place Ad rotation an Ad rotates without any animation, it's there and the next one. Especially for larger Ads, in specific full screen Ads this is highly annoying, ugly to see and it does not look professional ('aggresive'). Adding an animation like Slide or Fade for this in place rotation will increase the look and feel of such an Ad.
6 votes

Ad-specific Advertisement-Labels

currently we are able to configure one single label to ALL advertisements and we can disable the ad label for specific placements However, I like to see an option either on level of the advertisement or placements to give a different/custom label. I like the idea to indicate the ad type like: Advertisement, Affiliate, Sponsor, Partner etc.
5 votes

Sort Ad Groups by ID/Name/Date Created

Allow admins to view Ad Groups in an order other than just Alphabetical
5 votes

Links should be tagged noopener for security and for Google Lighthouse score

Links should have the attribute rel "noopener".
5 votes

Automated Weight based on CTR

If I have GRID with 9 diferent ADS, I want AD with higher CTR to be in slot 1 (above 8 others) to make most of that AD
5 votes

Stick Ads in sidebar for a second

Is there any way we can sticky ads in the sidebar for a second while scrolling… Ads come one after another in the sidebar and each ad sticks for a second. Example- see the ads in sidebar at https://www.verywellhealth.com/coping-with-psoriasis-3876622
5 votes


The Interscroller is exclusive to mobile and combines the power of a high-impact Interstitial with an elegant scroll interaction. It is an inline, single unit full height scroll-in ad format that reveals as the user scrolls through publisher content. example: http://adcatalog.purch.com/ad_products/interscroller/
5 votes

[Pro] Avoid repeating ads after page reload

When rotating ads, it would be nice if there was a feature to keep the same ads from being shown on the same page back to back. While the plug-in offers to not duplicate ads, it doesn't offer a way to control excessive ad clustering of the same ad. By adding an option that requires that the next ad on the page is different from the ad on the previous page impression, that would avoid some of the ad clustering.
5 votes

WooCommerce Memberships Condition

Integrate with another membership plugin, which could be expanded to general woocommerce integration.
4 votes

Bulk Edit Ads using Import / Export

When importing ads, if an item as a Post ID the import should EDIT the existing ad instead of creating a new one. This would enable bulk editing of ads by exporting, editing the export and then re-importing. It would make things much easier!
4 votes

[Selling Ads] Sales price

I would like to be able to provide the Selling products also with an offer. Like the normal products in Woocommerce. So current price 50 offer price 35, and that for a certain term.
4 votes

[Sticky] Option to set a number of pixels in scroll to show or hide a Top horizontal Sticky Ad

I think that would be great when using, like I do on my site, a Top Horizontal Sticky Bar as a Sticky navigation menu.
3 votes

Option to remove an ad directly after it was clicked

Add an option that allows removing the ad once it was clicked. It would not need the "Max. Clicks" visitor condition to work since it might be useful in other circumstances as well.
3 votes

Banners visible only in certain time slots

Hi, it would be very useful to have banners visible only in certain time slots. (I don't mean posting for days, but for now) Lately due to the lockdown there are many activities (bars, restaurants) that advertise. And it would be optimal for some businesses to have post ad impressions only at certain times.
3 votes

[Pro] Reminder before ad expires

Add a note to the Ad Health section before an ad expires. E.g., one week before.
3 votes

“repeat the position” option for infeed ads

It may be nice to have a "repeat placement" option for the "Adsense infeed" addon. I personally place infeed ads every 3 posts... But as my number of posts increases, I have to create more placements which differ only by the value "Inject before" x "posts"... Note that this option already exists for the "content" placement...
3 votes

[Selling Ads] Email Notifications for Users

It would be great if the user could get an "your ad has been published" email that had some text in it containing their personalized link to view ad statistics. It would also be great if the system could automatically send a reminder email before a user's ad is set to expire to remind them that they can renew and link back to the product they bought.
3 votes

Condition: parent and child categories

Hi, I would like to recommend the ability to set the condition "Parent categories" and "Child categories". In this way, those who have many parent and child categories, do not have to set many categories for each banner. For example, I have the parent category "Sport" which has about 40 child categories. So every time I publish a banner (of my customers) I have to set all the child categories. And I have two versions of the banners (desktop and mobile), so I have to do this twice each time.
3 votes

Close Button

Would be nice to have the option to include a close button, just like Google Ads. This way we could give the user the chance to close ads they don't want.
3 votes

Video Ads

Add video ads to the ad types list. Programmatic Video ads are one of the biggest sellers and continuing to grow. The ability to offer hosted or ad network video ads could add a lot of revenue that would otherwise be missed.
2 votes

Ad Thumbnail Hover

Add a hover effect to the thumbnail on the ad listing page so that you can see the ad in a larger view. That way you don't have to go into ad edit mode to see the ad creative. You can also right click on the ad popup to save to your local drive. Might be helpful for some people when they want to quickly see the ad creative details.
2 votes

Redirection to ad after change of site

When the reader clicks on a link to go to a blog post or other page, they are redirected to a full page add that can be closed to go to the intended post or page.
2 votes

Custom time period available in Shareable Link report

It would be helpful to have a custom time period feature available on the report generated by a shareable link. Currently, the dropdown allows last 30 days, last month and last 12 months. This is the report we share with clients and sometimes their campaign spans two months.
2 votes

WPForo Integration

Hi. I would like to see you ad WPForo integration so I can also specify ads there as well. Because my forums generate a significant portion of overall site page views, having ads there is paramount.
2 votes

[Pro] Show white page with custom message when detects Ad Blocker

We would like to have a Fallback action to show a white page with a custom message for users with Ad Blocker. The current Ad Blocker feature of Advanced Ads provides the option to show alternative ads. We need to show a white page (content of the site is not readable) until the user disable Ad Blocker and then refresh the page.
2 votes

Server image ads over CDN

We are running a CDN with image optimization to serve nextgen image formats/webp on our site and all of our ads served via AdvancedAds are still defaulting to the original images which are larger and a drain on page load. Would be incredibly helpful and beneficial to site speed to have the ability to opt in to serving ads as webp.
2 votes

[POLL] Using the qTranslate-XT Plugin

Hi to all, how many of you use the qTranslate-XT plugin on your WordPress website? Or if you used it, if you had problems with Advanced Ads. I use both plugins and I found a problem, talking to the creator of Advanced Ads does not know how many use qTranslate-X to be able to create a version of Advanced Ads also compatible with qTranslate-X.
2 votes

Native integration of webP

Include the integration of webp images into Advanced Ads image ad functionality as well as include tracking and other normal features from the current format. Note from Advanced Ads: webp is not supported by WordPress core, yet.
2 votes

[Sticky Ads] New triggers

Add conditions for displaying a sticky block: Page scrolled (%) - The animation starts when the page is scrolled for the defined percentage (specify only numerical value from 1 - 100). Page scrolled (px) - The animation starts when the page is scrolled for the specified number of pixels (specify only numerical value). Element visible - The animation starts when specific HTML element becomes visible. Specify CSS selector for the element (#id or .class).
2 votes

[Tracking] Ad Groups Tracking

In addition to tracking specific ads, it would be very useful to be able to track ad impressions and clicks at the ad group level on Google Analytics. This will allow insights into which ad groups are performing the most optimal.
2 votes

“ad setting” box in wp “categories” as well

The "Ad Settings" on single edit pages for posts and pages allow disabling all ads on them. There should be something similar on category edit pages so that all ads are disabled for a certain category archive and posts belonging to them.
2 votes

[Pro or Sticky] Page Peel Placement

Please add page peel to Advanced Ads Placement. Page peel is usually placed in the top right corner but can be on the left too.
2 votes

[Sticky] AMP sticky ads for banner placement

Implement amp-sticky-ad
2 votes

Keyword blocklist for adverts

If a page contains a keyword from the blocklist, don't show the advert.
2 votes

[Pro] Skip Paragraph if too short

I wish there were more restrictive conditions in place similar to Words Between Ads and Minimum Content Length. We run an entertainment website with articles that have image captions (which appear in p ids), as well as one-liners announcing release dates and trailers, and sometimes our ads show up immediately after the captions or on top of a trailer embed. Words Between Ads and Minimum Content Length only goes so far. I propose a feature that would simply allow for paragraphs of a certain length to be completely ignored, i.e. not be counted as a paragraph.
2 votes

Filter for Groups

Some publishers (including us) have more advanced structure of ad groups. We have about 50 ad groups (with a potential to have more) and it's very difficult to manage them as there are plenty of empty ad groups. I believe implementing a simple filter ("exclude empty ad groups" or similar) would significantly improve the UX.
2 votes

[Tracking] Statistics on advertiser and campaign

I would like to have some kind of banner organization, that can be used for statistics purpose. On the top, we have an advertiser, one step below we have advertiser's campaigns, and on the bottom, we have advertiser's banners, and groups of banners. Like this: ADVERTISER | | CAMPAIGN1 CAMPAIGN2 | | | BN1 BN1 BN2 Of course, when we have that kind of organization, we need reporting on all three levels, for the advertiser, campaign and banners.
2 votes

Full Service Advanded Ad Pro Set-up

For some of us that are technically challenged I hope and vote for a full-service set-up, installation and optimization procedure buy the skilled professional for a fair price.
1 vote

Version History for Placements

As a site relies more heavily on placements, the situation might arise that a significant portion of website content is being served through Advanced Ads placements. Meanwhile, the settings for placements can be very involved and be extremely important to the functioning of the website. Once a setting is changed or deleted, nobody knows what that setting is or was. A version history system would allow this product to be more resilient for use cases where Advanced Ads is driving large portions of websites, and be incredibly helpful for all users to boot.
1 vote

Dynamic Text Ads | Ad Builder

I have an advertiser that has a lot of products. This advertiser is not on normal affiliate networks. Could you build an 'ad builder' the brings in links, description, URLs from a fixed CSV which is loaded to Wordpress and shows the links within the advert. When the CSV is updated, the advert updates.
1 vote

Geotargeting based on gps of mobile phone

Looks like wpadvancedads target the ip address of the user for geotargeting. So targeting by city and zip code does not work perfectly. FEATURE REQUEST: If the user is on mobile phone and has allowed location permission to the browser , then it will auto detect gps location of the mobile phone (if location permission is already granted or ask for location permission for the first time) and then deliver ads based on that location.
1 vote

[Selling] An option for ad approval before payment

Add a feature that gives the admin an option to review the ad for approval before allowing the client to make a payment for the ad space.
1 vote

Better interface for duration/expiration of ad

Make a better interface (similar to Facebook) for having the duration (days and ending date) so that user are able to select and ending date or days easier (with + or - to cycle through days)
1 vote

Deactivate Advanced-Ads-Elements in WP-Adminbar

I would like to be able to deactivate the "Ads"-menu that Advanced Ads puts in the WordPress admin toolbar. I am already able to deactivate the "Ad Health"-menu there, but would be happy to have this choice for all menus placed by Advanced Ads in the WP admin toolbar.
1 vote

Individual Post Screen Options on Overview Pages

It would be nice to have a feature in the posts/pages/custom post types overview pages: /wp-admin/edit.php /wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page that would show the following columns as a screen option and be sortable: "Disable ads on this page" "Disable automatic ad injection into the content" Overall, I think it would be extremely useful to be able to see the output of those options per post, but on the overview pages.
1 vote

[Tracking] Text Link Ads

Can we have a capability wherein we can make "Link ads" and track them as well? Something like google link ads but each link can be tracked for clicks.
1 vote

[Selling Ads] Renewal Text / Link

It would be nice if the users could see some kind of renewal text on their statistics or account page that would allow them to renew their ad.
1 vote

Option to hide ads on all private pages.

In the settings, disable ads option: disable ads on private pages. Most ad networks do not allow ads behind password or private pages.
1 vote

Posts list placement to allow for repeated placement

Currently you can only say after/before X post in the list. It would be very helpful if it would allow me to say ... "insert after/before every X posts"
1 vote

[PopUp] Trigger PopUp Ad at the end of content/post

I would be nice to have another option for showing PopUp ad - when reader reaches the end of content (post).
1 vote

[Pro] WP GeoDirectory Integration

I bought WP Advanced Ads All Access to use on a Dentist directory & geolocation search. I wanted to show ads on archive pages, posts and the dentist's post type on the free listings. As it is configured now, I'll have to create rules for or edit each dentist that upgrades to a premium listing. It would be great if Advanced Ads recognized the different package levels. That way, one rule could be created to show ads on the free listings, but not on the paid listings.
1 vote

Minify the ad HTML/JavaScript before publication

In a search of optimizations to perform on my websites, I've noticed Ads containing JavaScript code are not minified by the typical optimization plugins, such as LiteSpeed, Autoptimize and others. The reason seems to be that these plugins fear interfering with JavaScript code, especially ads, that somehow depend on line and/or character position to perform well, something minification would remove. Since we users know beforehand the ads we add directly via Advanced Ads, I'd suggest that AA gives us the option to minify the ads before it's send down the WordPress pipeline. In my tests, when I manually minify the ads, I see no issues with the ads on the front page. But doing so manually is not recommended, as we may need to at times edit the ad and may simply forget to re-minify its code.
1 vote

Stats counter in CFP showing number of blocked users

Introduce a live stats counter in click fraud protection showing the number of users who have been blocked from showing the ads due to excessive clicking on the ads.
1 vote

Ability to install via PHP Composer

I'd like to be able to bundle the Pro plugin via PHP composer
1 vote

[Pro] Option to select ad from Ad group for Adblocker Item

As of now, we can only select one ad in Ad Blocker Item on the ad placements section. This isn't optimal. We should also be able to select from any Ad Groups.
1 vote

[Selling Ads] Ad Setup Description

Currently, the ad setup page is filled with a "placement type" which should be internal use only. It should include the description and the product title. Many advertisers forget what ad they're even uploading!
1 vote

[Tracking] Add tracking URL to the individual ad and ads list pages

I sometimes need to run an add in an email client outside of WordPress. In order to get the tracking URL I need to load the ad in a page or post and then copy the link URL. I would love it if this was just available on the individual ad edit screen and/or as a column on the ads list page. It would save a lot of time by being able to just grab the link there.
1 vote

Sliding banner

I would love to be able to have a sliding banner for announcements that I’d like to run without having to restructure the page. I’m not talking like the stock market ticker tape. I’m talking 200px in height that allows for fancy fonts, multiple lines, and an image. You know how people love images and hate to read.

Tabular Export for Ads in Ad Groups

It would be useful to export a simple table that shows what ads are in what ad groups, preferably in CSV form.

Option to Permanently Serve non-personalized AdSense ads

There should also be an option to permanently serve non-personalized AdSense ads regardless if a visitor Agrees or Declines with the use of Cookies and/or GDPR.

Export reports for individual ads by month, not by day

We are always needed to show our advertisers that their ads are pointing business their way. We need to be able to quickly export reports for an individual ad that shows the impressions/clicks/ctr BY MONTH for that ad. The only export I can do right now is by day, which advertisers don't want to see. So I'm left with either having to copy/paste into my own spreadsheet, or do some crazy cleanup on the massive by-day export. Please please make it easier to export reports that show stats by month. Thank you!

Consistent DIV Structure Regardless of Insertion (Blocks, Shortcode) to Simplify CSS

Currently, the DIV structuring is different whether the ads are placed via the Block editor or shortcode method, resulting in variations from a single DIV to multiple nested DIVs, which makes it painful to craft consistent CSS styling.

Reload Ads without reloading the page (Ajax or similar)

Hi, I propose a trigger for an "Ads-Reload". In our special case, we ask the site visitor about their zip code. We have created a popup for this. When submitting the form, we attach part of the postcode to the URL. Based on the URL parameter or the URL conditions, it is decided which ads will be displayed. At the moment we have to reload the page. But we would like to be able to display the relevant ads without reloading the page.

Custom Alias for Cloaking

Make it possible to change the part after the cloacking slug (/recommends/.....) so we can user a sutom alias for the links instead the ad id.

Detection if page is being loaded inside an iframe or directly into the browser window

Detection if page is being loaded inside an iframe or directly into the browser window: The rule should be simple, if page is loaded inside an iframe, advertisements should not show. This rule will be usefull for the people that use paid traffic. Also the code for this rule is simple: function inIframe () { try { return window.self !== window.top; } catch (e) { return true; } }

Browse all articles where ads have been disabled

Sometimes I disabled ads in some articles due to an abuse of Adsense policies There should be a place to display all articles where ads have been disabled in order to fix them, and then to submit a request to re-display ads

[Selling Ads] Preview / Crop option for Advertisers

It would be very helpful to allow users to upload their image into a preview/crop window showing how the artwork will display to that ad unit size.

Find AdSense ads by ad ID / Show them on Ad Overview

* Let Ads list show Ad Id and adsense data-ad-slot's nubmer. * Can use search button to search ad id and adsense data-ad-slot="xxxxxxxxxx" 's data when use Ads list.

Day Parting

To put into place a feature that Google Ad Manger has, the ability to to deliver ads based on the time of day. Example, show a ad of campaign 100% of the time on the even hours of the day. This is a feature we use on google Ad Manager and would like to see if this can be added to Advanced ads.

CLS Problem: Before writing ad DIVs into the DOM, check if their conditions are met and the wrapper is needed at all.

If one is using a lot of conditional ads, e.g. render this ad if the post has a certain tag, then all the wrapper ad divs get rendered into the DOM, even if the condition is not met. Using CSS to give those DIVs a height value to reduce the CLS value is impossible now, since I would create huge amounts of white space for ads that won't render anyway, because their condition is not met. So in short: Please render ad wrapper DIVs ONLY if the condition is met - do the check before DOM is rendered.

Add Status Filter to Ads Screen

It would be nice to add another status "De-Activated" so that older ads have their own status. Right now I use Draft, but that mixes new and old ads under one status.

[Selling Ads] Bulk pricing for ads

Currently, it seems that prices of ads can only be changed individually. In case of manually created ads it's very difficult to change the price of all or of many ads. A bulk pricing feature would be very useful. Thanks.

[Pro] Disable click fraud protection by ad

Showing example ads and testing them triggers global click fraud settings and example ads stop showing.

[Geo Targeting] Location by browser place

Would it be possible to be located according to our browser place, obviously if the user accepts to be located ? So far, some users are badly located because their position depends on their internet provider. Thank you

[Sticky ads] Make regular banner sticky when scrolling down

Display banner that when scrolling down, it remains sticky for a while on top of page.

[Sticky Ads] Fade out Sticky Ads

Option to fade out a sticky ad after a certain time

Maximum text length

Requested is a feature that allows to set a filter for ads to show them only in articles with a maximum text length of "X". This should make a scenario possible, in which I can inject one specific ad only in content with a maximum of "X" words. For example, this way, I can display specific ads in short entries only. They shall not be shown in long entries.

[Pro] Auto Refresh entire group of adds

Currently, the cache-busting and refresh interval functions only support a single add. This is fine for banner ads across the top but not so good for a group of more than one add in a sidebar or across the top of content. I would like the refresh to redisplay a group of N ads and re-randomize them each time.

[Tracking] Adding viewability tracking.

Add viewability tracking to tracking feature. Viewability is fast becoming a metric advertisers would like over impressions. It's the percentage of time when your ad appeared on sites or apps with Active View enabled and was viewable. This percentage estimates how many of your measurable impressions were actually viewable to potential customers.

Text link in ad headline

To display the ad link even if AdBlocker is active. This would require the ability to edit the ad label in the RichText Editor. The global heading should have no priority and be disabled. Example: "Advertisement (LINK: "Cheap Flux Compensators on Ebay")".

Adsense earnings on the dashboard

Please add an option to add "AdSense Earnings" widget on the WordPress dashboard.

[Tracking] Day of week and time of day stats/charts

To better help us focus and schedule our upcoming marketing efforts, the ability to quickly see and chart our busiest days of week and times of day.

Optimize For Viewability

Recently I've found something interesting on this site (idntimes.com). Before the ads fill the place, there some animation or placeholders or something like that fills the ads area. I know it's viewed as something trivial. But I believe this will solve Google Pagespeed Problem and then Improve CTR. Because it attracts people's eyes before the ads even being loaded, please consider this feature.

[Pro] Show only once as default

Make the "show ad only once per page" option either selected by default, or make a system-wide or group- or placement-wide option.

BuddyBoss App Activity stream ads

Enable the BuddyBoss Activity Stream Ads to be displayed into the BuddyBoss App!

Ad list order by add date

Please add option to screen options to list ads by date created, please.
-1 votes

Full Polylang integration

Polylang basically works with Advanced Ads. But there are some bugs, so not all conditions work. Language conditions work in posts, but not on category and tag pages.

Submit idea

What happens with Feature Requests?

We take feature requests and the voting very seriously. Once an item is among the top 5 to 10, we start looking into them and estimate if they are technically possible and match the purpose of Advanced Ads. Only very few items get removed after that.

There is no deadline, but you can be sure that we are working in some way or another on the top items.

Here are a few examples of implemented features that have been on this list.

  • Advance Scheduling based on Post Age
  • E-Mail reports for impressions and clicks (Tracking)
  • Skin Ads (Pro)
  • WPML Support
  • Selling ads
  • AdSense on AMP pages
  • Export / Import
  • Ad Label like “Advertisement”
  • Key value targeting for Google Ad Manager ads