On this page, you can suggest a new feature or vote for other feature requests. The suggestions and votes help me to determine the next features but are not binding.

Submissions will be kept for about 3 months. If they don’t get more than 10 votes, I might remove them.

35 votes

[Pro] Automated split tests

Advanced Ads might automate the split-testing for me by monitoring clicks and then automatically "selecting" a winner to continue showing, like AdSense does.
34 votes

[Pro|Selling] Email notification before an ad expires

Send an email notification to notify e.g. 5 day before an ad expires. That way we can go back to the client to see if they would like to renew and keep track of each individual ad that expires on a different date.
29 votes

[Pro] pre-roll ads on video

can you please make your plugin support pre-roll ads on videos ? it must support : dailymotion , youtube , vimeo, and maybe instagram and facebook player, it well be great ! Dev note: not sure if this is even possible for these services.
19 votes

[Selling] Pre-booked ad space

Allow option for potential advertisers to pay for pre-booked spaces. Then when spaces are booked out, a notification will tell other advertisers that the specific space on those specific dates are currently full. Could be shown on a booking calendar? Even if this is not done on the front end, if spaces could be named, and linked to calendar, it would allowed potential advertisers to see what spaces are available, and when. This would then open other possibilities for advertisers to be put on a "waiting list" for cancellations, or encouraged to fill other spaces, offering "us" the highest income chances.
17 votes

Deutschsprachige Hilfe/ Anleitung (German Manual)

Translate Manual into German
13 votes

[Selling] Bill for a period of time…

I would like to have the option to bill clients monthly, annually or by any other period of time.
11 votes

Rename the name of the placement

For some reasons, such as a more meaningful name or a new purpose, renaming a placement is very useful.
11 votes

Preview Of Ad

A nice addition would be to have a preview of an ad (Not an image, but coded) to show up on the Edit Ad Page once the code is input in the Parameter Box. Obviously, such an option could turned on and off within the general settings of the plugin
10 votes

If adsense ad loads blank, display alternate ad

So sometimes adsense doesn't display an ad for whatever reason. It would be nice to have a way for Adv. Ads to detect this and then display an alternate ad (group?).
10 votes

[Selling] Calendar in backend for admins

I have a lot of ad spaces across my website. Each ad space may have 1 ad, or maybe multiple ads. When clients book a specific space for a certain period of time for a future date, it's a lot of work keeping up with when a space is "fully booked". If there was a calendar that linked with created and scheduled ads, it could notify us on when a space is full and for what period of time.
10 votes

Add multiple images on the same ad (e.g. devices, specific dates, etc.)

For example, a desktop image and a mobile image. And also an image to show "to" and another to show "from" (especific dates for ads rotation). Although it is contemplated, you have to create any of these as individual ads and manage those options on the Group. Giving the option on the ad itselfs avoids the creation of mutiple ads for the same product/campaign.
10 votes

Ads between comments

Display ads between comments, for example before last comment
8 votes

[Selling] Forms for ad information

Being able to set up forms to gather the right information for creating and displaying an ad would be great. For example, we sell ads to Piano Dealers who may operate in a number of States (in the U.S.). They will need to enter all the basic business details, their web site, brand sold, services offered, etc.
8 votes

[Geo] Use CloudFlare IP Geolocation header to do geolocation with passive cache busting

If you use Cloudflare, you can enable "IP Geolocation". If this option is enabled CloudFlare sets a "CF-country" header on each request. If to know the country is good enough, the geolocation visitor condition could be executed without using PHP. Note: This would basically make geo location much faster and work with Caching
7 votes

[Selling|Pro] Group ads by client

Currently, clients with multiple banners get one link for each banner. How about being able to group them by client so we can give them one link and they can get to all of their stats easily, or see the aggregate statistics.
7 votes

[Pro] Select position in content based on %

I would like to place at a percentage through post i.e. 50% rather than after say 8 paragraphs.
7 votes

Insert Evenly Spaced Ads In Content Based on Content Length

The idea would be to allow a user to set an article length and define the number of ads that would be inserted into the content automatically. The ads would be evenly spaced and would be pulled from a predefined list of Ads, Placements, or Groups. Users could define multiple article lengths. For example: Under 600 Words: 3 Ads - Placements at 0% (START), 50%, 100% (END) 601-1000: 4 Ads - Placements at 0%, 33%, 66%, 100% 1000-1500: 5 Ads - Placements at 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% 1501+ Words: 6 Ads - Placements at 0, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100
6 votes

[Pro | Selling ] Integrate selling with Woo-Commerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce Subscriptions is a paid add-on that allows subscription products to be auto-renewed at a certain time like many services that can be purchased on the Internet. This is perfect for my ad-selling use case where a monthly, quarterly or ad subscription auto-renews. Dev note: Advanced Ads would be happy to test this if any of our users would set it up on our test site.
6 votes

[Selling Ads] Additional options for clients

It would be great if products could be set up with the following options: - Let Customer select countries where the ad should be displayed - Let customer choose the Archive Categories where to place an ad
6 votes

[Sticky] – stop element

Would be cool to have an option to specify a 'stop element' that will prevent a sticky ad from scrolling to the very bottom.
6 votes

[Selling Ads] setup banner image dimensions

1) add to the Selling ADS Product the image dimensions (for example 728x90) 2) setup an alert if the user tries to upload in the Creation ADS page an image with the wrong dimensions. In this way the user will upload only correct image dimensions for the correct placement
6 votes

[Sticky] Header Ad placement should not cover website header

The Sticky Header Ad covers the header of the site. Would be better to “push” the rest of the site down rather than cover the header. Also, for logged in users, the black WordPress Admin Bar covers the sticky header ad. Can the sticky header ad start below the WordPress Admin Bar when it is displayed?
5 votes

[Sticky] Slide in ADs

Create a slider ad that is automated and slides in from the right (or left) side of the page after user scrolls down a designated amount of space. Very similar to pop up ad but sliding in instead of popping up.
4 votes

Random Div Tags – Support for Infinite Scroll

Currently only Google Adsense and direct placements reliably work on sites that use infinite scroll. If you try to use natives, video, or any other unit, even those that load asynchronously, they will generally always load in the first div container of the first article (because it has the same name) when a new post is loaded via infinite scroll. To solve this problem, you have to tell the ads to load into a different unique div container when a new article is loaded. You could do this by implementing some logic that if the same placement is fired twice in the same session, that a new div tag will be set for that placement.
4 votes

[Sticky] Option to set a number of pixels in scroll to show or hide a Top horizontal Sticky Ad

I think that would be great when using, like I do on my site, a Top Horizontal Sticky Bar as a Sticky navigation menu.
3 votes

[Selling] Ad limits per group

Would love to see the ability to limit the number of ads shown in a group and disable the ad from the store if that limit is reached.
3 votes

[Geo] Allow targeting by zip codes

Might only work for some countries though.
3 votes

Add block editor to “rich content” editor

How about adding the Gutenberg editor option to Ad Type: Rich content editor? This would open up a whole new spectrum of ad creation.
3 votes

[Pro] temporal integration of ads also by hours

The temporal integration of ads works only for days, not for hours. For some advertisers an hourly control is required.
3 votes

[Pro] Animations for Ad rotation

When using the in place Ad rotation an Ad rotates without any animation, it's there and the next one. Especially for larger Ads, in specific full screen Ads this is highly annoying, ugly to see and it does not look professional ('aggresive'). Adding an animation like Slide or Fade for this in place rotation will increase the look and feel of such an Ad.
2 votes

Ad-specific Advertisement-Labels

currently we are able to configure one single label to ALL advertisements and we can disable the ad label for specific placements However, I like to see an option either on level of the advertisement or placements to give a different/custom label. I like the idea to indicate the ad type like: Advertisement, Affiliate, Sponsor, Partner etc.
2 votes

[Selling] Self Renew for Advertisers Coupled with Auto Reminders

Feature Idea: Advertisers can renew (and pay for) their own ads. When business is good we have fifty or more advertisers. Keeping track of who is expiring when, following up with reminders and chasing them to pay is time consuming. Would like to see reminders about their ad expiration could go out automatically, starting a month before the ad expires, with two or three reminders spaced out, and the advertiser could click a link to renew (and pay for) their ad at any time.
2 votes

Automated Weight based on CTR

If I have GRID with 9 diferent ADS, I want AD with higher CTR to be in slot 1 (above 8 others) to make most of that AD
2 votes

[Selling Ads] Sales price

I would like to be able to provide the Selling products also with an offer. Like the normal products in Woocommerce. So current price 50 offer price 35, and that for a certain term.
2 votes

Slide in at the end of content

I'd like to show the slid-in at the end of content, just before of comments in a post or page. It's a perfect position to grab attention of a visitor whitout break the reading of the page 🙂
2 votes

[Sticky] Stop/Remove sticky at certain position

Sticky sometimes overlays the footer bar, so it would be nice to have a feature that lets you either enter a CSS selector or a margin to the bottom where, when reached, the sticky scrolls away.
2 votes

Use primary category

On our site, we have 17 categories for various articles and each category has its own ad unit. On the single article page, we want to show the ad that belongs to that category, but when there are multiple categories selected for the article, we want to be able to choose which category ad is displayed. The new primary-category setting in WordPress might be used here.
2 votes

[Pro or Sticky] Page Peel Placement

Please add page peel to Advanced Ads Placement. Page peel is usually placed in the top right corner but can be on the left too.
1 vote

Add a banner twice to the same group

When you add several banners to the "Refresh on the same spot" or slider, it would be nice to add the same banner (but with different positions or weight) twice. Currently it's only possible to add each banner once. Note: this was originally only meant for Slider and Refresh, but there is no reason to limit this to specific features and just allow the same ad to be added to a group multiple times.
1 vote

[POLL] Using the qTranslate-XT Plugin

Hi to all, how many of you use the qTranslate-XT plugin on your WordPress website? Or if you used it, if you had problems with Advanced Ads. I use both plugins and I found a problem, talking to the creator of Advanced Ads does not know how many use qTranslate-X to be able to create a version of Advanced Ads also compatible with qTranslate-X.

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What happens with Feature Requests?

We take feature requests and the voting very seriously. Once an item is among the top 5 to 10, we start looking into them and estimate if they are technically possible and match the purpose of Advanced Ads. Only very few items get removed after that.

There is no deadline, but you can be sure that we are working in some way or another on the top items.

Here are a few examples of implemented features that have been on this list.

  • Advance Scheduling based on Post Age
  • E-Mail reports for impressions and clicks (Tracking)
  • Skin Ads (Pro)
  • WPML Support
  • Selling ads
  • AdSense on AMP pages
  • Export / Import
  • Ad Label like “Advertisement”