On this page you can suggest a new feature or vote for other feature requests. The suggestions and votes help me to determine the next features, but are not binding.

Submissions will be kept for about 2 months. If they don’t get more than 10 votes I might remove them.

96 votes

[Pro] Show different ads for adblocker

load non-ads-content for people who have an adblocker installed and who wouldn’t see the original ad

33 votes

[Pro] Repeat ad after ever X number of paragraphs or headings

It would be nice if I could have an ad after every 3rd or 4th paragraphs or after every 3rd heading.

29 votes

[Sticky] ad widget

Create a sticky widget, which stops scrolling the sidebar if top/bottom is reached and fixes it to the screen.
Meant for the Sticky add-on

29 votes

[Pro|Selling] Email notification before an ad expires

Send an email notification to notify e.g. 5 day before an ad expires. That way we can go back to the client to see if they would like to renew and keep track of each individual ad that expires on a different date.

26 votes

[Pro] Lazy loading on ads

Lazy loading is a known strategy for increasing the viewability stats on your AdSense account.

22 votes

[Pro] Automated split tests

Advanced Ads might automate the split-testing for me by monitoring clicks and then automatically “selecting” a winner to continue showing, like AdSense does.

22 votes

[Pro] pre-roll ads on video

can you please make your plugin support pre-roll ads on videos ?
it must support : dailymotion , youtube , vimeo, and maybe instagram and facebook player, it well be great !

Dev note: not sure if this is even possible for these services.

19 votes

[Pro] Decide Which Ad is placed first in source code!

For adsense, the first ad in source gets the higher paying ads. This feature would allow us to determine which placement gets put first in source code, so we can assign higher CTR placements the better ads.

19 votes

Central Ad Dashboard

Overview of all ads managed by Advanced Ads on multiple WP installations on a single place.

16 votes

Deutschsprachige Hilfe/ Anleitung (German Manual)

Translate Manual into German

15 votes

[Pro] Ad-Block before and after read-more tag

This place has a very high click through rate.

14 votes

sub’s folders of creatives

now if i have 100 creative & ads i see 100 creative & ads in one place VERY MESSY, allow me to arrange creative under folders & sub-folders by project naming etc.

13 votes

[Layer] display after x seconds

set a timeout after which the layer appears

12 votes

[Selling] Pre-booked ad space

Allow option for potential advertisers to pay for pre-booked spaces.
Then when spaces are booked out, a notification will tell other advertisers that the specific space on those specific dates are currently full.
Could be shown on a booking calendar?

Even if this is not done on the front end, if spaces could be named, and linked to calendar, it would allowed potential advertisers to see what spaces are available, and when. This would then open other possibilities for advertisers to be put on a “waiting list” for cancellations, or encouraged to fill other spaces, offering “us” the highest income chances.

11 votes

[Pro] Advanced Ads Server

It would be nice if you could set up an ad server that hosts our ads and is tightly integrated with Advanced Ads. The ad server would allow to work around WordPress/PHP limitations, especially slowness when loading ads via ajax to bypass caching, etc.

9 votes

enable bulk add of ad’s creative

for example, if i have 10 ad’s at the same size and i want them all to be at the same group, enable me to add new ad and upload all 10 creative and applying 1 setting to all, publishing it will create 10 different ads.

9 votes

Show AdSense stats in Dashboard

Display AdSense earnings per unit daily, monthly, etc, right within the WP dashboard.

8 votes

[Responsive] multiple sizes in one ad entry

Allow multiple image sizes to be uploaded into one Ad entry along with conditions for each of when to display

6 votes

Create Display Condition Sets

I have a situation where the ad group display conditions aren’t sufficient. However, if you could create sets of conditions and save them, then when you create an ad you select the condition from a drop down, that would work better.

The problem with the ad group type, and conditions, is that if you want those conditions to be utilized, you need to show that group. There are cases, like mine, where not all ads in the group showing need display conditions. However, many of them do, and the only way to make that work right now is to manually set it on each ad. That’s where a display condition set would come in.

6 votes

[Bundle] All In One Plugin

Please stop this 7 Plugin Strategy, It would be much comfortable to manage all in one.

Note from Thomas: I see the frustration here, but in fact, not everyone wants or can purchase the Pro Bundle, so there will be single add-ons in the future. Merging all in one at the same time is additional work that can cause conflicts so we haven’t started that. If this issue receives many upvotes, I will be looking into it again without promising anything though.

5 votes

Slide in different direction

Slider ad is good but it can only slide from right to left. It is not suitable for width super banner (728×90) usually used. I would be good if we can set sliding direction.

5 votes

Use CloudFlare IP Geolocation header to do geolocation with passive cache busting

If you use Cloudflare, you can enable “IP Geolocation”. If this option is enabled CloudFlare sets a “CF-country” header on each request. If to know the country is good enough, the geolocation visitor condition could be executed without using PHP.

Note: This would basically make geo location much faster and work with Caching

5 votes

Simple way to test if groups / placements are empty

Client-managed Ad Groups / Placements are sometimes empty. It would be great to be able to use a more granular function than function_exists(‘the_ad_placement’)… a functions like has_ads(‘placement-name’) or has_ads(‘group-name’) would be a huge help.

5 votes

Migration option for other plugins

I would love a kind of migration tool, which can help to import ads, groups and shortcodes from other ad plugins like AdRotate or Simple Ads Manager to Advanced Ads.

4 votes

[Pro] Support for HTML5 ads

Support the special demands for HTML5 ads.

4 votes

[Layer] Closing Popup-Ads by clicking the background

Maybe it’s a good idea, that users are able to close one of those PopUp- or Layer-Ads not only by klicking (or tipping) the “Close”-Button, but additionally by clicking in the background around the ad.
Developer note: only for the custom script. It works for the Fancybox version

3 votes

[Pro] Show ad on a specific date AND time

Would be great to not only set the date an ad is displayed. Sometimes it is necessary to be more precisely. A time rule is much appreciated.

3 votes

Templates for eCommerce products

Create ads automatically from products in WooCommerce or Easy Digitial Download.

I think creating a html/css template that we can easily customize to our own liking with products from the shop.

2 votes

Rename placements

It would be great to be able to edit the names of the different placements in the list.

2 votes

Calendar in backend for admins

I have a lot of ad spaces across my website. Each ad space may have 1 ad, or maybe multiple ads.
When clients book a specific space for a certain period of time for a future date, it’s a lot of work keeping up with when a space is “fully booked”. If there was a calendar that linked with created and scheduled ads, it could notify us on when a space is full and for what period of time.

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Recently implemented Feature Requests

Feature requests by users that were implemented in one of the plugins. Latest first.

[Pro] Display ad only on specific pages in pagination

If a post is split into multiple pages, it would be good to have a condition for the index of the paginated post on which the ad might appear. Could be a Display Condition

Implemented as a new Display Condition in Advanced Ads Pro

Advance Scheduling based on Post Age

I would love the ability to schedule out ads based on post date. For instance if I could post a blog post and then a few days after the ad code imports automatically.

Implemented as a new Display Condition in Advanced Ads 1.8

[Tracking] Report Generator

Currently, email stats only show the total imp and clicks per day. Allow reports to be created and emailed, with graphs and the ability to do it by ad.

[Tracking] Filter statistics by Group

To have statistics much more easily and quickly for a spécial client/campaign/group that include multiple ads (instead of searching stats one by one) for a client/campaign/group.

Offer a Wrap Around, Fireplace or Skin Ad option

A few customers have asked if they can “take over” the background image of our website. I have heard this called a wrap around, Fireplace or Skin

Implemented as a new placement into Advanced Ads Pro 1.8.

WPML Support

Display different ads for translated pages made with WPML.

Implemented into Advanced Ads Pro 1.8.

[Selling] Allow advertisers to purchase (and manage) their ads

Implemented as the new Selling Ads Add-On.

AdSense for AMP pages

Allow AdSense and image ads on AMP pages.

Implemented into Responsive Add-On 1.4

Show the ads the specific day or days of the week

Implemented in Advanced Ads Pro 1.7

Track Impressions and Clicks in Google Analytics

Implemented in Tracking 1.4

Ad Grids from grouped ads

It would be great to have the ability to display a single ad group in either a 2 or 3 column display by having that as an option in the ad group setup.

Implemented in Advanced Ads Pro 1.6

Export / Import

Implemented into Advanced Ads 1.7.4

Implement the responsive rectangle feature of AdSense

When using the fully responsive AdSense ad-code on a side without extra options, the resulting size might be too high. A help might be to choose the format, e.g. “horizontal” or “rectangle” instead of “auto”.

Implemented into Advanced Ads Responsive 1.3

Stop Slider on mouseover

Implemented into Advanced Ads Slider 1.2

Ad Slider – Random

Currently it appears as though the Ad Slider shows ads based on post date and weight. This means that if there are several blocks or groups on a page, they all load the same. It’d be great to display random ads based on ad weight as a slider, or at the very least random ad as a slider (no weight consideration).

Implemented into Advanced Ads Slider 1.2

Label ads with “advertisement”

Add an option to label ads with “advertisement” or any other custom text. Might be needed especially when using AdSense.

Added to Advanced Ads 1.7.2

Display and Visitor Conditions for groups

Enabled with the Ad Group ad type in Advanced Ads 1.7.2