A powerful, simple, and lightweight solution to manage ads in WordPress.

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Manage unlimited ads

Manage and display an unlimited number of ads and placements.

Flexible ad types

Use ad codes from any ad network, including static images, JavaScript, HTML, PHP or even shortcodes.

Schedule ads

Prepare your ad setups by setting a start or expiry date and time for your ads.

Works on cached sites

Deliver dynamic ads without impacting your server on cached websites.

Lazy loading ads

Save performance! Only load ads when the users scroll to them in their browser.


Double your ad revenue by showing the same ads on AMP either automatically or by creating dedicated AMP ads.

Tracking & Reports

Track ad impressions and clicks and share performance reports via URL or email with others.

Mobile ads

Create different ad setups for mobile and desktop to improve the performance of each version.

Google AdSense

Connect with your AdSense account and import ad units and reports. Helps to comply with their policies, create the correct ads.txt entry, and convert automatically to AMP.

Fantastic Support

I have decided to go for this one because I had a good feeling about the support and I was right.
Fast and efficient and friendly! + the plugin is awesome

Guillaume Besson

More than support

Our team has more than 10 years of experience running our own sites with up to 100 Million ad impressions per month.
There is not much we haven’t seen yet and are happy to share our insights.

Increase your revenue

A/B testing

Create A/B tests between different ad placements or use rotating ad groups to find the best performing ads and positions.

Choose random paragraphs

Improve your revenue by choosing a placement that shows the ad after random paragraphs.

Monetize ad-block users

Monetize users with an ad blocker by showing them content that cannot be blocked.

ads.txt file

Manage your ads.txt file in your WordPress backend and make sure that your entries for AdSense are correct.

Click Fraud Protection

Protect your reputation by preventing anyone from clicking the same ads too often.

Test ad networks

Test any ad networks against each other to find the best partner for your site.

Selling Ad Space

Increase your ad revenue by selling ads fully automatic to advertisers in the frontend of your website.

Advanced Ads is great – really functional!

You can actually manage all your ads in one place.
Support is also excellent. Thanks!


Powerful ad management

Rotate ads

Rotate ads on the same spot to fight ad blindness or test different ads against each other.

Ad blocks

Increase the visibility of ads using an ad slider or ad grid with multiple rows.

Fallback ads

Use fallback ads to never have an empty space when another ad expires or not visible on a given page.

Global conditions

Save time and use global conditions to hide ads on archives, 404 pages, by user role or post type.

Duplicate ads

Quickly duplicate ads you already set up.

Import / Export

Export and Import existing ad settings and setups to another site.

Control the ad layout

Choose how ads should align within text, set a margin to other elements or, automatically display a label above them.

Show an ad only once

Prevent an ad from accidentally showing in multiple places on the same page.

Best ad plugin on the market

I have tried multiple ad plugins and this is by far the best of the bunch. Very simple to set up and many options available. I did have a question and the help service was lightning fast and answered my questions. A++++


Plenty of placements

Automatic injections

Save time and automatically inject ads into your content based on paragraphs, headlines, images, or between posts on archive pages.

Control manual placements

Fine-tune your ad placements using a dedicated shortcode, widget, or PHP function.

Choose any ad position

Point to any position in the frontend of your website to place an ad there, including the header or between specific elements.

Sticky and PopUp ads

Increase awareness for your offers with sticky anchor or header ads, PopUps and ads attached left and right to the content or browser window.

Trigger ads based on user activity

Show dedicated ad formats when the user scrolls to a given position or wants to leave the page.

Background ads

Monetize the unused space around your main content using the skin ad format.

Inject ads based on word count

Display your ad only in posts or pages that contain a minimum amount of words. This way, you can exclude ads from very short pages, like a masthead or contact page.

Embed ads after a specific amount of words

Disperse your ads more evenly in your content by defining a minimum number of words after which ads will be injected.

Ad Server

Display ads on other websites that don’t use Advanced Ads or even WordPress.


BuddyBoss and BuddyPress

Monetize your community with dedicated ad positions on pages created by BuddyBoss or BuddyPress.


Monetize your forum with dedicated ad positions on pages created by bbPress.

Membership sites

Use dedicated positions on websites built with membership plugins like Paid Memberships Pro.


Show ads based on the language of a specific page as set up using the WPML plugin.


Use placements in themes that build on top of the Genesis framework without additional coding.

Integrate with any plugin

Use hooks from any plugin that adds content to the frontend of your website to display ads between it.

Google Ad Manager Integration

Simple placements

Load ad units directly from your Google Ad Manager account. No more broken or forgotten ad tags.

Responsive GAM ads

Choose which ad sizes to display for which screen width or just let Advanced Ads choose the fitting ones automatically.

Bulk import ad units

Save time with your first setup and updates in your GAM account. Import all or specific ad units automatically into ad in WordPress.

Automatic AMP support

Convert Ad Manager ad units automatically into their AMP format. Choose the ad sizes you want to display on AMP only.

Key-values targeting

Target ads based on key-values on your WordPress site, like post title, slugs, or categories.

Advanced Ads can be Game Changer, Plus Amazing Support

We’ve been using Advanced Ads for the last month or more. It looks to be a game-changer for our Ad Management, providing a new level of Ad Tech.

David Torres


Control the Where

Choose from over a dozen conditions to control where ads are showing up on your site.

Specific posts and pages

Show or hide ads for specific posts, pages or other custom post types.

Display Conditions

Show ads by post type, post age, author, post type template, post meta values, parent page, categories, tags and other taxonomies, URL parameters, or index of paginated posts.

Control the Who

Use Visitor Conditions to decide which of your users should see certain ads.

Visitor Conditions

Show ads by device, user role, capabilities, or login status
referrer, browser language, browser or device (user agent), and browser cookies. Plus a lot of custom conditions for third-party plugins.

Ads by user activity

Show ads based on user activity like page impressions, whether they are new to your site or not, or how often they have seen or clicked on an ad in a given period.

Ads that fit the screen

Select ads that fit your visitors’ browser either by showing them on mobile, tablet, or desktop or by specific browser width.


Show ads based on your visitors’ location, especially country, city, continent, or radius.

Integrate with your GDPR & Cookie content solution to comply with privacy laws and show ads only after visitors give their consent.

TCF 2.0 integration

Show ads based on a TCF 2.0 compliant confirmation as gathered by Quantcast Choices, cookiebot, or other certified vendors.

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