Powerful, simple and light weight solution to manage ads in WordPress.

Ad Management

 Advanced AdsAdvanced Ads
+ Add-ons
Manage and display unlimited ads
Create ads as easily as creating posts
Group ads to create ad rotations
Save drafts of your ads
Schedule the ad
Set expiry date and time
Import & Export ads and settings
Wizard to quickly create and place simple ads
Duplicate Ads (see manual)

Ad Types

 Advanced AdsAdvanced Ads
+ Add-ons
Ad codes from any ad network or affiliate ads
Plain Text and Code for HTML, JavaScript and PHP
Rich Media ads, text styling
Google AdSense
Ad Groups – allows ads in a group to share the same settings
Use shortcodes within ad content
Flash filesAdvanced Ads Pro
AMP adsResponsive Ads

Displaying Ads

Place ads manually or use Placements to inject ads in pre-defined positions in your theme and page content. Detailed overview of Placements.

 Advanced AdsAdvanced Ads
+ Add-ons
Shortcode for post content
Function for template files
Widget for Sidebars
Placements to inject ads into various positions automatically
Inject ad before or after given paragraph or headline
Float text around ads in post content
Inject ad at the top of the content
Inject ad after the content
Inject ad code before the closing </head> tag
Inject ad into page footer
Display a label, e.g. “Advertisements” above each ad
Test placements against each otherAdvanced Ads Pro
Limit ad to display only once per page
Refresh ad without reloading the page
Pick any position for an ad in your site’s frontend
Inject ads between posts on posts lists, e.g. home, archive, category
Inject ads based on images, tables, containers, blockquotes, and any headline level in the content
Inject ad after random paragraph
Inject ad above the post headline
Inject ad in the middle of the content
Create ad grids from grouped ads (e.g., block with 2×3 ads)
Inject ads into content not using the the_content filter
Display ads based on the day of the week
Manage ads in Visual ComposerVisual Composer Add-On

Detailed overview of Placements.

Advanced Ad Placements

A couple of advanced ad placements also come with add-ons.

 Advanced AdsAdvanced Ads
+ Add-ons
Anchor AdsSticky Ads
Sticky Header Bar
Sticky Footer Bar
(Floating) Left or Right Sidebar
(Floating) Left or Right Window Bar
Allow visitors to close an ad
Display a sticky ad after a few seconds using an effect
Choose timeout until a closed placement appears again
Display ad in a PopUpPopUp and Layer Ads
Show PopUp after user stops scrolling
Show PopUp after user reaches half of the page
Show PopUp when user wants to leave
Allow visitors to close an ad
Choose timeout until a closed ad appears again
Use Genesis framework hooksGenesis Ads
Test placements against each otherAdvanced Ads Pro
Background Ads
Dedicated placements for bbPress
Dedicated placements for BuddyPress
Show ads from another blog in a multisite

Detailed overview of Placements.

Display Conditions

Display Conditions determine whether an ad is visible or not on the current page based on various conditions. Some of them can be set up individually on an ad-bases, others are global settings.

 Advanced AdsAdvanced Ads
+ Add-ons
Single posts and pages
Post type
Category, tag, or taxonomy of individual posts
Categories, tags, and taxonomies of archive pages
404 pages
Attachment pages
Exclude ads from Secondary Queries
Singular pages
Archive pages
Post Author
Disable all ads on a specific page
Disable all ads in the frontend without disabling the plugin
Disable all ads on 404 pages
Disable all ads on non-singular pages
Ads in Feeds
Display ads based on url parameters (request uri)Advanced Ads Pro
Display ads based on a page or other post type templates
Display ads based on post meta value
Display ads based on the parent page
Display ads based on the page language set by WPML
Display ads on AMP pagesResponsive Ads
Advanced Ads

Visitor Conditions

Visitor Conditions display ads based on conditions defined by the visitor.

 Advanced AdsAdvanced Ads
+ Add-ons
Show on mobile devices only or exclude them
Hide all ads from users with a specific role
Hide ads from bots and web crawlers
Display ads to logged-in users
Display ads based on the previous visited url (referrer)Advanced Ads Pro
Display ads based on the user agent (browser or device)
Display ads based on user capability
Display ads based on the browser language
Display ads based on number of previous page impressions
Display ads based on number of impressions in a given period
Display ads to new or recurring visitors only
Display ads based on a set cookie
Display ads based on the device sizeResponsive Ads
Display ads for tablet devices
Display ads by countryGeo Targeting
Display ads by city
Display ads by continent

Ad Groups

 Advanced AdsAdvanced Ads
+ Add-ons
Rotate multiple ads on the same spot (e.g. for A/B testing)
Define the ad weight within a group
Specify the order in which ads are being shown
Display multiple or all ads within a group at the same time (ad blocks)
Ad SliderSlider

Ad networks & Google AdSense

Advanced Ads is compatible with all ad networks and banners from affiliate programs like Google AdSense, Chitika, Clickbank, Amazon, etc.
You can also use it to add additional ad network tags into header or footer of your site without additional coding.

However, there is an ad type dedicated to Google AdSense.

 Advanced AdsAdvanced Ads
+ Add-ons
Supports all ad units, including display ads, link units and matched content
Add AdSense Page-Level ads with just one click
Choose between normal and responsive ad sizes
Change the size of the ad without logging into your AdSense account
Check the limit of ads (max. 3 with AdSense terms)
Hide AdSense on 404 pages
Set manual sizes for responsive ads
Responsive Ads
Set default AdSense sizes to rectangle, vertical or horizontal
Responsive Ads

Responsive Websites

 Advanced AdsAdvanced Ads
+ Add-ons
Show on mobile devices only or exclude them
Display ads based on the device sizeResponsive Ads
Display ads for tablets
List of all ads based on the browser width they are visible on
Set manual sizes for AdSense responsive ads
Set default AdSense sizes to rectangle, vertical or horizontal
Force responsive image ads if not supported by the theme
Frontend assistant to display ad, container, and window size for admins
Support for ads on AMP pages
Reload ads when screen resizes and cache-busting in Pro is enabledResponsive Ads
Advanced Ads Pro

Stats and Tracking

 Advanced AdsAdvanced Ads
+ Add-ons
Track ad impressions and clicksTracking
Performance reports by day, week or month
Performance for different periods
Compare stats
Export to and import from CSV
Enable or disable tracking for all ads by default
Clear all or individual stats
Limit ad views to a certain amount of impressions or clicks
Send email reports
Open ads in new window
Track events on external sites


 Advanced AdsAdvanced Ads
+ Add-ons
Support for Caching-Plugins (WP Rocket, WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache and more)Advanced Ads Pro
Support for Server-Cache
Support for Autoptimize plugin

Plugin overview

 Advanced AdsAdvanced Ads ProPro Bundle
PluginsAdvanced AdsAdvanced Ads ProIncluding Advanced Ads Pro and all current and future add-ons.
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