In this tutorial (3:29 min) I am going to show you how to create your first ad, what most of the options are for and how to display the ad in your sidebar.

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How to create your first ad (Transcript)

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can create your first ad and display it on the front end, for example below the search field in your side bar.

Creating the ad

Go to the Advanced Ads menu in your Dashboard and click on Ads. Then click on New Ad to create the new ad.

The ad edit screen looks basically like the post edit screen. Get started by entering the title. The title is invisible on the front end so just name it something that makes sense to you, for example, “Sidebar Ad”.

Choose an Ad Type too. I’m going to cover all the ad types in another tutorial. For now, keep in mind that they enable you to use specific options based on the type of ads. For example, if it’s an AdSense ad. Since I am using HTML code, I choose Plain Text and Code.

Then select a size. In my case I enter 300 and 250.

And go to the Layout options. The Layout options are important if your ad is, for example, within text content or if you want to create a margin to another element.

The Display Conditions allow you to show the ad only on specific pages, specific posts or posts types, or your home page only. Since we want to display our ad now on every page of the whole website, we don’t need to set anything here.

The Visitor Conditions box is about conditions that are attached to your visitors in order to see or not see ads. For example, you could choose the Mobile Device visitor condition in order to either show the ad only for users who use a mobile device or to hide it from them. We don’t want to limit the ads for any visitors now so we just leave it like it was.

We could already publish the ad now. Publish just means that we can set it up with other options now in our dashboard. It doesn’t mean that it’s already visible at the front end.

Displaying the ad

In order to make our ad visible in the frontend and especially on our sidebar in this case, go to Appearance > Widgets where you can find the Advanced Ads widget here on the top left. Just drag it into the sidebar below the search field where we want it to show up. You can enter a title but you don’t have to.

More important is to choose the ad you want to display. When you save, the ad is visible in the frontend.

Go to the frontend, reload the page, and there you should see the ad.

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