Provides sticky and anchor ad functionalities for ads in WordPress.


  • position ads that don’t scroll with the screen (sticky ads)
  • built anchor ads – most common for mobile apps
  • add background color for header and footer bars
  • allow users to close sticky placements for a specific time
  • center side ads vertically
  • provides a fallback for old devices
  • set delay in seconds after which the ad should show up
  • display with effects (show, fade, slide)
  • support and updates for 1 year, unlimited usage afterwards

New Placements

  • header bar placement
  • footer bar placement
  • sidebar ads attached to the main wrapper placement
  • sidebar ads attached to the window placement
  • make ads sticky to the screen or let them be scrolled away
  • add background color for header and footer bars

Works with the cache-busting feature in Advanced Ads Pro on cached websites.

Use the browser width condition in the Responsive Ads add-on to disable large sticky ads on small devices.

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It is easy to create an anchor ad like the one sticking to the bottom of your screen – but you have probably already noticed it, right?

This could be an ad, a promotion or just a suggestion for a nice-to-read post. Not easy to miss, right?

There are some more demos here.

Also have a look at the tutorials where Sticky Ads are used.


The Sticky add-on adds 6 new placements that will allow you to display ads on your website without coding or manipulating your content.

New ad placements

Header Ads

The Header Bar placement is fixed at the top of your page and not moving away when users scroll down. It is not only interesting for ads, but for navigations, internal promotions or any kind of content you want to have fixed on top.

Footer Ads

The Footer Bar placement is practically the same as the Header Bar. It is a very common use case for the Sticky Ads add-on and can perform very well.

Left Sidebar & Right Sidebar Ad

The Left Sidebar and Right Sidebar placements are also a very popular use case for sticky ads. They allow you to attach an ad to your content box. The options of these element allow you to select whether this ad should stay put while users are scolling down or not and to manually select the main content element just in case it is not recognized by the plugin automatically.

Left Bar & Right Bar

The Left Bar and Right Bar is similar to the Sidebar Ads. The difference is that they are not attached to the main content box, but the browser window. You can also select whether to fix the ad to the screen or let it be scrolled away.

Triggers and Effects

Sticky ads can be set up to show up:

  • right away
  • right away and using an effect (see below)
  • after X seconds

You can choose from various effects:

  • show right away
  • fade in
  • slide in
  • set duration of the effect in milliseconds


To display any of your ads through one of these positions, simply go to Advanced Ads > Placements and create a new placement choosing the according placement type. After saving the placement, the ad should already be visible.

To ensure that sticky ads are working:

  • set up the width and height in the ad parameters box of the ad
  • make sure that there are no JavaScript errors on your site

Global Settings

You can reach the settings screen in your WordPress dashboard through Ads > Settings.

There is currently only one setting related to Sticky Ads:

Check browser capability

Check this field in case your site is visited by many users with older (mobile) browsers and sticky ads don’t scroll and block some content. This test is as lightweight as possible, but only activate it when you need it.

Other notes

Troubleshooting (possible issues and solutions)

If you are using an ad network please confirm with them before using sticky ads with their ads. Some ad networks see using this technique as a violation to their terms of service and might ban you in case they become aware of it.

Additional Options

You may adjust the size of the close button by applying some custom CSS attributes to it. You can find a tutorial on how to do that here.

Please note that the styles added to this class will also be applied to the close button of the PopUp and Layer Ads plugin.

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