Besides our written documentation, we offer an extensive library of tutorial videos to help our users better navigate Advanced Ads. Please find our latest videos on this page or view all of them on our YouTube channel.

First steps with Advanced Ads

How to install Advanced Ads

Learn how to install the basic version of the Advanced Ads plugin on your WordPress website.

How to create your first ad

This video showcases what to do right after the installation to create your first ad. It also mentions more advanced functions such as conditions or placements.

How to install an add-on

We will show you how to install the Advanced Ads add-ons and guide you through the entire process.

How to use conditions

Display and Visitor Conditions are one of the most powerful, but complex features in Advanced Ads. They allow you to target ads to specific content and user segments.

More functions of Advanced Ads

How to create your ads.txt

In this short video, we show you how you can use Advanced Ads to create your ads.txt for Google AdSense and other ad networks in your WordPress backend.

How to create an affiliate disclosure

Learn how to add an affiliate disclosure to your WordPress posts effectively, ensuring transparency and compliance with legal requirements in affiliate marketing.

How to display ads by device

Discover how to target your ads to different devices precisely, customizing ads for mobile, desktop, or tablets.

How to animate your ads with Elementor

In this tutorial, you can learn how to use the motion effects of the Elementor page builder to animate your ads and to gain their attraction by letting your ads flip, slide, pulse, or jump on your website.

How to create a fallback ad

Discover how to create fallback ads for uninterrupted revenue in website advertising. This tutorial explains their significance, criteria, setup in WordPress, and a notable limitation with ad refresh options.

How to set up and debug Google AdSense

Find the AdSense Auto Ads code

How to find the Auto Ads code in the source code of your website.

Empty placeholders by Google Auto Ads

Several reasons can cause Google Auto ads not to show up.

Adding AdSense Auto Ads

Learn how to set up AdSense Auto ads with Advanced Ads.

How to identify Google Auto Ads

Use the browser inspector to identify ads placed by Google Auto Ads.

Advanced Ads Pro Features

Click Fraud Protection

When it comes to your ad revenue or your click tracking statistics, having a Click Fraud Protection active can come in really handy. This video showcases the basic functions of our Click Fraud Protection, the process of setting it up, and the parameters to configure it.

How to set up PopUp ads

PopUp ads are one of our advanced placements. This video shows how to set up and use them properly and how they look for your users in the frontend.

How to integrate ads into BuddyBoss

In this manual, you can learn how to insert ads into the different BuddyBoss streams and target them to contents and user profiles on your website.

How to duplicate ads

Save time with the duplicate ads feature, and clone ad units quickly for efficient campaign management.

Custom Position Placement

The Custom Position placement that comes with Advanced Ads Pro is excellent if there isn’t any other pre-defined placement for the position you want to inject your ad. The best feature is the frontend picker that allows you to select the ad’s position without coding.

TCF 2.0 Integration

It is easier than before to integrate a consent management platform of your liking. In this video, we showcase our TCF 2.0 integration by using Quantcast.

Post Lists Placement

The Posts Lists placement allows you to inject ads between posts on post list pages like home, categories, tags, or any other page with a list of multiple posts.

How to place ads between comments

Learn how to monetize comments and boost revenue by inserting ads seamlessly into your website’s discussions.

Google Ad Manager Integration

Responsive Google Ad Manager Ads

Advanced Ads helps you integrate your responsive Google Ad Manager ads. There are few steps to mind, though, and we created this short video about it.

Google Ad Manager Bulk Import

The option allows you to import all or specific ad units from your Google Ad Manager account into Advanced Ads.

Google Ad Manager Integration

With Advanced Ads, integrating your Google Ad Manager account became really easy. In this video, we show you how to embed your GAM ads in only a few steps!

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