The Posts Lists placement that comes with Advanced Ads Pro allows you to inject an ad between posts on post list pages like home, categories, tags or any other page with a list of multiple posts.


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You find the Post Lists placement under Advanced Ads > Placements. When creating a new placement you only have to select the Post List placement type and enter a name in order to save it.

After saving, just select the post index before which the ad should show up.

E.g., if you want to display the ad between the second and the third post of the archive page then select “3” here.

Secondary Loops & AJAX calls

If your theme or any other plugin creates post lists aside from the default WordPress loop, you can enable the Secondary Loops option in the additional placement options. This would inject ads also in those loops and AJAX-loaded content but could lead to showing ads in multiple other places as well.

Post List Secondary Loops Option

See here an example for the integration of a post list placement in the Pocono theme.

Important notices

The post list injection is bound to the the_post()  function in your template. This is normally included in themes, but it might happen that your theme developer chose to use a workaround. In order to place an ad between posts in this case you can: