How to duplicate an ad

Many of our customers manage dozens or even hundreds of ads with Advanced Ads. This can be a time-consuming job.

Advanced Ads Pro can ease this work with a useful feature to duplicate ads quickly. This function can save you a lot of time, primarily when you are creating very similar ad units or identical conditions as you do if you run A/B tests for ad optimization.

The link to clone an ad is located in two places in your dashboard: You can directly clone your ad unit in the overview of your ads or while editing a specific ad unit.

Enjoy our short tutorial video or follow the step-by-step guide below.

How to duplicate ads from the Ads overview

  • Go to Advanced Ads > Ads
  • Click Duplicate under the ad you want to clone
  • Advanced Ads will create a copy of this ad with the same title + “(copy)”
  • You will automatically be redirected to the edit mode of the copied ad
  • Make adjustments to the cloned ad and click Update to save or Publish to publish them

How to duplicate ads from the ad edit page

You can also clone ad units in the Publish section of the ad edit screen. Let’s say; you have just created your perfect ad, equipped with various conditions and parameters to fit your website’s needs. Instead of manually creating a new ad unit and configure all the details by hand, you can directly clone your ad straight out of the edit mode of your current ad.

Just click Duplicate in the Publish section at the top right area of your dashboard, and a cloned copy of your current ad will open in the edit mode.

Duplicate an ad in the edit mode of an ad unit

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Additional Notes

The cloned ads will have the same settings and conditions as the original ones, except for group assignments. This is a safeguard measure to prevent the clone from messing up your ad rotations. So remember to assign the duplicate to any ad groups you see fit.

Save the original ad before cloning it on the ad edit screen. Unsaved settings are not going to appear in the copy.

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