If you have advanced ad setups or very similar ads, you might want to clone or duplicate them at one point to save time creating new ads.

The video or the documentation below shows you how you can accomplish this.


In this video (1:49 min) I am explaining how to duplicate or clone an existing ad using the Duplicate Post plugin.

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Update: After a change in the Duplicate Post plugin, step 3 from below was added after the video was created.

How to clone an ad?

Since Advanced Ads is built on WordPress standards, you can use the Duplicate Post plugin in order to clone an ad or any other post type.

  1. Download and install the Duplicate Post plugin from wordpress.org. You can do this through your WordPress plugin dashboard
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Go to Settings > Duplicate Post > Permissions > Enable for these post types and check Ads
  4. Now, you will find a Clone and New Draft option in the ad list.
Ad clone options

Clone creates a copy of the ad including all options and ad groups and puts it into Draft. New Draft also creates a copy of an ad but opens the ad edit page afterward.

When to duplicate an ad?

Duplicating an ad makes sense when there is a difference between the new ad and the copy. Maybe you want to change the ad content a bit, but reuse the Display Condition settings, or the target link is different for image ads.

When not to duplicate an ad?

In case you are using the Tracking add-on, duplicating an ad will result in both ads having the same link to their public statistics pages. Impressions and clicks will still be tracked correctly, however, you will not be able to access the public statistics for the copied ad. If you simply want to show the same ad multiple times on the same page, there is no need to duplicate it. Just use the existing ad.