How to install an Add-On

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to install any of the Advanced Ads add-ons.


All Access

If you purchased the All Access pass then log in and go to the account page. You should be able to download the add-ons from there.

Single add-on or Bundle

If you purchased a Bundle (deprecated) or a single add-on then you should see the confirmation page and receive an email. Both contain the download link to the add-on. The download link in the email works for 7 days.

As long as your license is valid, you will also find the download links in your account. Click on the View Details and Download link in the Purchase History table. Now, scroll down to the end of the page to find the zip files.

Problems with the Download?

Do you have issues downloading the zip files? Please read this article.

Install and activate

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To install the add-on in your WordPress environment go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin and select the plugin file.

After you selected the add-on file click on Install Now.

Click Activate Now or visit the plugin page to activate the add-on.

License Key

Note: free add-ons don’t have a license key. If you are using one of them then you already finished the installation successfully.

If your site is a multisite then activate the license in blog 1 (your main blog) in order to make the updater work. There is no need to either enter or activate the license key for the other blogs.

If your add-on comes with a license key then please go to Advanced Ads > Settings > Licenses.

You find your license key on the confirmation page or in the confirmation email you received.

If you purchased a Bundle, you have access to all the add-ons with their respective activation keys. You will also receive a Bundle license key along with the other activation license keys for add-ons. This Bundle key will only be needed for purchasing a renewal of your Bundle after expiration. You don’t need it to use the Bundle key to activate the add-ons. Just keep it for reference.

If you purchased an All Access pass, you only receive one license key which you can use to enable any add-on.

Enter the license key for the add-on into the appropriate field.

add on activation empty

Click on the Activate License button behind the license key field.

add on activation button

After the activation, there should be a green “active” behind the input field.

If you see “invalid key” this might be the reason:

  • you used the same license key more times than you purchased licenses. This also counts if the same license key is activated multiple times for the same domain.
  • was not available for a moment and so the license couldn’t be validated. Wait until is available again.

Setting it up

Every add-on has different settings. Some have their own tab in the settings menu, others have their settings listed in the General tab or don’t have settings at all.

You might want to check the settings page for new options and the add-on manual for more detailed explanations and tips.

Disabling the license key

You can disable your license key again when you move your site or go from development to production site. The button for this is displayed after the input field for the license key.

Keep in mind that not enabling or disabling a license key has no effect on the duration, which starts with your purchase.


This issue is caused by permissions issues with the directories and files inside the ZIP package. All plugin folders are set to 777, and plugin files to 640. We recommend using the WP updater to upload plugins or to adjust the ZIP files permissions manually.

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