Single Add-Ons
from €9
1 site
support and updates for 1 year
one or more add-ons
30-day Money-Back
Pro Bundle (1 year)
1 site
support and updates for 1 year
8 add-ons
30-day Money-Back
Bundle (5 sites, lifetime)
5 sites
lifetime support and updates
8 add-ons
30-day Money-Back

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I need another deal than listed here, what can I do?

All our add-ons can be purchased individually and in packages for 1, 5 or 10 sites. If you need more than 10 licenses (5 for lifetime) then please reach out to us.

I have a pre-sale question

Great, please contact us via email.

Which package do I need?

We know that our feature list can be overwhelming. Most users find the Pro Bundle the best deal, especially when they need two or more add-ons.

You can also upgrade from a single add-on to the Bundle later.

What does 1 license cover? What about multisites?

One license covers one WordPress installation. If you have two installations in different subdirectories of the same domain, you would need two licenses.

A multisite only needs one license for all sites running in it.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we give refunds within 30 days of the initial purchase. There are no more conditions or hidden policies, just reach out and you will get it.

Can I upgrade to a higher package?

Yes, no problem. You can always upgrade from a single add-on to the Pro Bundle and to a larger number of sites.

Can I cancel the subscription and still use the product?

When you cancel your subscription and your license expires you will no longer have access to new features, bugfixes, and support. You can still use our plugins on the sites you activated the licenses though.