Google Ad Manager Integration

The Google Ad Manager integration for WordPress connects your site with the popular ad server by Google. It allows you to place the ad units on your website without touching any codes or taking care of the complicated mix of header and body tags they normally ask you to implement.

If you don’t know, Google Ad Manager (previously called Google DoubleClick for Publishers, DFP) handles ad management in the cloud and is free for small and medium websites.

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List of ad units from Google Ad Manager
List of ad units imported from your Google Ad Manager account.


  • Load and place the ad units from your Google Ad Manager account without touching any code
  • No need to manually match head and body codes
  • Works with Advanced Ads features like automatic content injection, Display and Visitor Conditions, or Cache Busting
  • Works out of the box on AMP pages
  • Decide when and how ad containers collapse to prevent empty space on your site

Our Google Ad Manager plugin for WordPress uses inline tags, which don’t need matching head and body codes, and is therefore flexible when it comes to delivering different ad units to different users. If you are depending on using the Roadblock or SingleRequest options for Google Ad Manager then use the manual setup for Ad Manager tags as described here.


If you have trouble installing or using our Google Ad Manager integration, our support team is here to help. As a customer, you get priority email support and updates for one year.


Does it work with the Google Ad Manager ad units that are already placed on the site?


Does the plugin write anything into my Google Ad Manager account?

No, the Google Ad Manager Integration just pulls information from the account and does not add anything to it.


*Prices excluding tax