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Transform your ad management in WordPress. Unleash Google Ad Manager’s potential, effortlessly place ads, and tweak like a pro. Boost profits and maximize ad revenue today.

Place ad units from your account without coding

Easily integrate your Google Ad Manager ad units into your website without any coding. This add-on offers a hassle-free bulk import feature to load all or specific ad units effortlessly. Tailor your ad content to fit various screen sizes and enjoy automatic filtering options for optimal ad display. No manual matching of head and body codes is needed—Advanced Ads handles it. No technical complexities, just seamless performance.

Advanced Ads, Features, Bulk Import
Advanced Ads, Features, Responsive Ads

Create responsive ad units

Experience the versatility of size mapping in Google Ad Manager’s responsive ads. Easily deliver ads based on screen sizes, matching content to available space. Simplify with one ad unit for multiple dimensions. Whether it’s a mobile leaderboard, medium rectangle, or other formats, the Advanced Ads integration ensures smooth ad placements for a superior user experience.

Target key-value pairs

With Google Ad Manager’s key-values, you can now say goodbye to managing multiple ad units and other conditional targeting options. Seamlessly target ads based on post categories, tags, or placements using a single ad unit. Sell your inventory more granularly and at a premium while providing advertisers the precise reach and ROI they desire.

Advanced Ads, Features, Key-Value Pairs
Advanced Ads, Features, AMP Support for Google Ad Manager ads

Works out of the box on AMP pages

Tailor your ad sizes specifically for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Effortlessly optimize ad display on AMP, enhancing the mobile user experience. Easily disable specific GAM ad units on AMP pages with a simple checkbox. Enjoy streamlined AMP ad management for a smooth and efficient workflow. Advanced Ads ensures your ads are fully AMP-compatible, providing a flawless user journey.

The Google Ad Manager Integration is part of All Access

Single site

ad toolbox for small businesses

5 sites

ad toolbox for publishers

20 sites

ad toolbox for agencies

Google Ad Manager

+ 7 essential add-ons

  • Advanced Ads Pro
  • Tracking
  • Popup and Layer Ads
  • Sticky Ads
  • Ad Slider
  • AMP Ads
  • Selling Ads

Prices include updates and support for one year, excluding VAT. You may cancel at any time. See pricing page for details.

Top features

GAM simple placements

Code-free placement

Place ad units from your Google Ad Manager account without touching any code.

Auto Match of Head and Body Codes

Automatic code matching

No need to match head and body codes manually.

GAM bulk import

Bulk ad import

Import ad units from your Google Ad Manager account in bulk.

GAM responsive ads

Size mapping

Create responsive ad units.

GAM key-values targeting

Key-values targeting

Deliver ads based on categories, tags, or placements using one ad unit.

Auto refresh

Auto-refresh ad units in the same spot.

Advanced Ads Feature Support

Advanced Ads features

Works with Advanced Ads features like automatic content injection, Display and Visitor Conditions, or Cache Busting.

GAM automatic AMP support

AMP support

Works out of the box on Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Ad Collapsing

Ad collapsing

Decide when and how ad containers collapse to prevent empty space on your site.

Google Ad Manager 360 Support

Google Ad Manager 360

Works with Google Ad Manager and Google Ad Manager 360.

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

The All Access pass is by far the best deal and includes all available tools and functions, including the Google Ad Manager Integration, Tracking, and Sticky Ads.

You need a license activation for each website. Activations on staging sites don’t count towards your limit if they meet the requirements for test sites.

In a multisite network, you can install and activate our add-ons on as many component sites as your license has activations left. Learn more about Advanced Ads on multisites.

Yes, you can always upgrade to All Access from any add-on, from a lesser to a larger number of sites, or switch to our long-term deal. You will only pay the difference between what you’ve already paid and the price of the new package. Read more about upgrades.

Advanced Ads can only be installed on WordPress sites where you are able to install plugins freely.

However, you can use the ad server feature or the REST API to deliver ads from a WordPress website to non-WordPress websites.

We’re happy to offer refunds within 30 days of your initial purchase. There are no other conditions or hidden policies—just let us know, and we’ll process your refund immediately. You can find more information about our refund policy here.

Google Ad Manager Integration FAQ

Yes. Existing GPT tags will keep working alongside the GPT tags created by our Google Ad Manager plugin.

No, the Google Ad Manager Integration just pulls information from the account and does not add anything to it.

Our Google Ad Manager add-on does not make any changes to your Google Ad Manager ads at all. It imports your ad codes and allows you to place the GPT tags dynamically on your website. The tracking remains unaffected and can be handled unchanged via Google Ad Manager, just like the ad codes from Google Ad Manager on any other website.

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