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Maximize your website’s earning potential with features like Tracking, extra placements, AMP and Google Ad Manager support, and many more.

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Single Add-Ons

Advanced Ads Pro

Optimize ads with Geo-Targeting, Click Fraud Protection, Lazy Loading, Cache Busting, new placements & con­ditions, and deeper 3rd party plugin support.

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Track your ads and limit them by clicks and impressions. Display the stats with beautiful graphs or analyze them on Google Analytics.

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Enhance your ad integration with AMP Ads by Advanced Ads. Experience effortless AMP compatibility, precise ad targeting, and streamlined AdSense ad conversion, all in one add-on.

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Sticky Ads

Make it easier for visitors to notice your ads. Build sticky and anchor ads which don’t float away with the scrolling content.

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PopUp and Layer Ads

Put your ads or any other items that should convert into a PopUp or Layer.

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Selling Ads

Sell ads directly on your website – fully automated, including payments and advertiser profiles.

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Ad Slider

Create a simple slider from your ad groups.

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Ads for Genesis

Display ads and AdSense in positions specified by the Genesis theme.

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Google Ad Manager Integration

Load ad units from Google Ad Manager automatically from your account into WordPress and handle them without touching any codes.

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Increase your ad management skills without spending more time.
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