The Slider add-on creates a simple slider from your ads.

You only have to create a new ad group with the “slider” group type, use the ad weight to set the order of the ads, and the delay for which each slide is displayed.

After that, you can use the group shortcode, the PHP function, a widget, or placement to display the slider wherever you want.

The add-on comes without a license key.

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Current Version: 1.4.6


  • This is the first of three ads …
  • this is number two …
  • ... and after the third ad the slider continues with the first one.

Please note that there are other options to rotate an ad on the same spot. Please see How to rotate ads?


To use the ad slider, go to Advanced Ads > Groups and either create a new ad group or change the type of an existing group to “Ad Slider”.

ad slider group setting

The slider ad group mode works similar to the ordered ad group. Use the ad weights to determine the order in which the ads appear. However, there is a significant difference between the ordered ad group. In the Slider, the ads with the lowest ad weight appear first. The lower the ad weight, the further up the chain the ad is placed.

The only new setting is the delay with which each slide is shown.

ad slider delay setting

To display the ad slider, just use any of the methods described in the ad groups manual.

Additional Options

The Slider add-on uses the unslider.js script. You can adjust settings like the speed, the animation type (horizontal, vertical) or disable options like autoplay using a WordPress filter.

The following is an example you can add to your theme’s function.php to adjust speed and animation.

Note: The default animation type has changed to infinite with version 1.4.0 of the Slider Add-On.

Use the code below to let the slider jump back to the first slide – like before version 1.4.0.

function restore_slider_behavior( $settings ) {
  $settings['infinite'] = 'false'; 
  return $settings;
add_filter( 'advanced-ads-slider-settings', 'restore_slider_behavior' );

The example below shows how to influence the speed of the animation and the animation type. Available animation types are fade and vertical, horizontal (default).

function my_slider_adjustments( $settings ) {
$settings['speed'] = 100; // 100 milliseconds
$settings['animation'] = "'fade'"; // change animation to fade
$settings['infinite'] = 'false'; // required in combination with the "fade" animation
return $settings;
add_filter( 'advanced-ads-slider-settings', 'my_slider_adjustments' );

Check out the Methods & Options page on for more options. [The mentioned link does not work anymore. Please take the web search engine of your choice an look for “unslider script” to get more information.]

In case you want to load the unslider scripts from an external CDN, add the following line to your wp-config.php .

define( 'ADVANCED_ADS_SLIDER_USE_CDN', true );


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