Ads for Genesis

This add-on allows you to display ads in various positions that come with the Genesis framework.

If you are using a theme based on Genesis then you definitely want to try it out, since it comes with very unique placements for ads.


Genesis logo

Ensure you have a Genesis theme and Advanced Ads enabled, and install the Ads for Genesis plugin.

Go to your dashboard and navigate to Advanced Ads > Placements.

The add-on adds another placement type with the following image:

Just create a new placement with this type to get started.

After creating the placement you find it with additional options in the placement list. Here, you can specify or change the ad and select the position (see below) from the list.

Genesis placement options

There are currently 51 placements in 7 logical groups. You can find extended information on them in the Hook Reference or short information below.

The positions are mostly self-explanatory. When you check the reference against the positions in the Genesis placement then you should keep in mind that I removed the genesis_  prefix.

Genesis Hooks for Ads

There are a few so called “action hooks” in the Genesis theme that allow you to add visible elements to the frontend. Please be aware that your theme’s author might have left them out, so not every one of them might actually work in your case. Please also keep in mind that the styling of the content added by these hooks depends on your theme. Please contact your theme developers first when you have any problems with that.


A couple of positions around and within the header – the part where the site’s title and description and maybe also a navigation and a search form are located.


Positions around the main content and sidebar wrappers.


Positions before, within and after the main and the alternative sidebar.


Positions around the loop – the part where the posts and pages gets loaded, but not within the actual content itself.


Plenty of positions around the content. You can even specify positions around the content title here.

Keep in mind that these positions might be repeated on overview pages like home or category pages and the ad might be injected multiple times per page.

Comments & Pings

Positions around the comments, pings (websites that link to your post) and the comment form.

Positions before, within and after your site’s footer.

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