You can display an ad or an ad group through a widget in your sidebar or another widget group. You can find it under Design > Widgets and use it like any other Widget.

Simply drag the widget to the widget area you want to use it in and choose the ad or ad group you want to display there.

This page contains some additional information about ad widgets and how to use them.

How to set up an ad in your sidebar

1. Create the ad

In order to display an ad in your sidebar (or another widget group), you first need to create an ad. This is explained in more detail on this page.

2. Selecting the ad widget

After you created your ad, go to Design > Widgets. On the left side you should find the available widgets and among them the Advanced Ads widget. If you click on it, it will look like this:

sidebar ad widget

Select the widget area here and the Add Widget button.

This will add the ad widget to your sidebar.

3. Ad widget options

Your widget area or sidebar on the right of the widget screen might now look like this after you opened it:

ad widget area in dashboard

You can select a title for the widget, but you don’t have to.

From the select field now choose an ad or ad group (for ad rotations) that should be displayed and click on the Save button.

The ad widget should now be visible in the frontend of your site.

Using the sidebar widget placement

You can not select a placement in the select field for the widget output, because placements have their own logic for output.

However, there are some situations where you might want to display a placement through a widget, e.g. in order to make cache-busting included in Pro work in your sidebar too.

In order to do that, you need to create the placement on Advanced Ads > Placements with the Sidebar Widget type. This is the type behind the following image.

widget for ads

A placement of this type is visible in the widget select option too.

Ad blocks in sidebars

Here are some tricks to show ad blocks in your sidebar using the Advanced Ads widget.

To display more than one ad you can just create a group with multiple ads in it. Don’t forget to also set the number of ads to the amount you want to show up.

You can influence the space between ads in the same group using either CSS or the margin settings in the Layout meta box of the ad edit screen.

Fixed sidebar widgets

Fixed widgets are better noticed by visitors and stay in the visible screen area even when users scroll your website up or down. You can use the free Fixed Widget for WordPress plugin to make your sidebar ads sticky and to boost their click-through-rates on that way.