Advanced Ads allows you to import and export your ads, groups, placements, and options to move them to another site or send ad settings to someone else.

You can find the Import & Export page at the bottom of Advanced Ads > Settings.

The options on that page are rather straight forward. You can choose which elements to export and when importing, whether to upload a file or insert your own XML content.

Import of ads into existing placements

When importing placements, you should be aware of the special behavior that applies when an ad is imported that is assigned to an existing placement:

  • when the existing placement has an ad assigned, it will be swapped for the imported ad.
  • when the existing placement has an ad group assigned, the imported ad will be assigned to that group with a weight of 1.

Advanced use cases for imports

You can use the import for more than just moving your ad setup to another site since you can also adjust the XML to your own needs. Here are just a few ideas and additional hints:

  • prepare a template for a common ad setup and import it every time you want to create such an ad
  • help your clients with an advanced setup by preparing it locally and send them only the XML file to import on their site

Examples and Templates

You can find examples for imports of full setups on the Ad Templates page.