Deprecated features

This page contains information about features that are scheduled for removal or were removed in the past. If you are in need of a replacement for one of the mentioned options then please reach out.


AdSense > Auto ads: Disable top anchor ad

This option is not supported by the Auto ads code introduced by AdSense in late 2019. Advanced Ads hides this option to all users who didn’t enable it before version 1.16.

Users who enabled the option will see the old Auto ads code, which will keep working without limitations, according to AdSense.

Websites that did not enable this option will get served the new Auto ads code on their site.

It is currently unclear when this option might be deprecated to all users.

AdSense > Limit to 3 ads

Deprecated in September 2016 because AdSense no longer has a fixed limit for the number of ads.

The option is still visible under Advanced Ads > Settings > AdSense to users who enabled it, but might be removed without further warnings in the future.

Scheduled for removal

Pro > Flash ad type

With Flash being practically banned from the internet, we are going to retire the “Flash” ad type. There is no schedule for this, yet, though we are going to show a notification in the backend months before the termination.

Deprecated in Pro 2.8 (May 2020)

Removed with version 2.11.0, February 2021.

Tracking > Track ad impression after page load completed

The tracking method “track after page load completed” is going to be removed entirely with Tracking 2.0.0. It is already hidden for new users.

If you selected this tracking method and update to Tracking 2.0.0 then we are going to fall back to the Frontend method automatically. In general, we would advise you to change to the new Frontend or Google Analytics tracking method.

Tracking > Track external events

This feature is not visible in the interface unless you enabled it using a constant. Due to missing user feedback and demand, we are going to remove this in the future.

Removed in Tracking 2.0.0 (early 2021)

Already removed

Pro > URL Parameter Visitor Condition

In Pro 1.4 (June 2016), the URL Parameter visitor condition was move to the display conditions.

The code for the visitor condition was removed in Pro 2.8 (May 2020).

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