The Max. Ad Impressions condition displays ads based on the number of impressions the ad received already from this visitor. This targeting can be helpful if you want to set up frequency capping.

How to limit ad impressions

You can find this condition in the Visitor Conditions section on the ad’s edit page. After adding it from the dropdown menu, you can specify how often you want to show this ad unit to a unique visitor within a particular time.

condition to limit ad impressions
Choose the Max ad impressions condition to limit ad impressions

For example, if you set the condition to “max. 1 ad impression within 600 seconds”, this ad unit will not show up again to the same visitor for 10 minutes.

Frequency capping to limit the ad impression to one view during ten minutes.

The Max. Ad Impression condition is applicable when you want to display a specific ad unit only once during a visitor’s session on your website.

Assuming a user stays on your website for, let’s say, 10 minutes, you can easily prevent ads from being shown multiple times during this time.

What else do you need to know about frequency capping?

Like all dynamic ad conditions, an installed and activated caching plugin can negatively influence the functionality. 

Enable the cache busting feature of Advanced Ads Pro in such cases to ensure that your setup works stable.