Missing feature

This is the right page if you are not sure if a certain feature exists or if you want to request one.

1. Check out the feature lists

Please check the feature list and the product pages if a certain feature is mentioned there.

It might happen that you are calling the feature differently than we do in our manual, though.

2. Test it

If you are not a client yet, you can make use of our 30-day refund guarantee and just test any of our packages to see if it provides the functionality you are looking for. See Pricing.

3. Request a feature

Create a feature request to get your idea in front of our user base and allow others to upvote it. This helps us to prioritize the many great ideas we receive regularly.

4. Build it

Thanks to the many hooks, any WordPress PHP developer can help you to extend the plugin. If you build a custom solution then we are curious to learn about it, too.

5. Get a quote

From time to time, we can offer custom development. Rates start at EUR 100 / hour and a minimum order volume of EUR 1000.

    Please describe the behavior you would like to have implemented.

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