When you sell ads directly or just want to test the performance of new ads, you might want to display them not only for a specific time, but also for a specific amout of impressions or clicks.

This is very easy to set up using the Tracking add-on.


Limit ad impressions or clicks

Go to Advanced Ads > Ads in your WordPress dashboard and select the ad you want to limit.

Scroll down to the Stats meta box. It might look similar to this:

ad stats metabox

If you change the values in the limit column to anything above 0 and save the ad, the limit is used.

The ad is not showing up anymore when the first limit is reached. You can manually increase the limit or reset the stats to show it again.

Check the calculation of the limits

In order to limit the impact on the site’s performance, the real ad impressions and clicks are not summed up with every page impression. By default, this happens every 60 minutes.

To change this, go to Advanced Ads > Settings > Tracking and adjust the value for the Recalculate sums setting. The lower the number, the higher might be the impact on your performance.