Google Adsense ad sizes

This guide reveals Google AdSense ad sizes including responsive vs. fixed options, top performers, and A/B testing secrets for maximal profit.

MonetizeMore acquires Advanced Ads 

Advanced Ads has been acquired by MonetizeMore, a company based in Canada specializing in ad monetization for web publishers. See this summary about what has transpired.

The OIOpublisher Plugin has been discontinued – what publishers can do now

“The OIOpublisher Ad Manager has been discontinued”. These words were the bad news that visitors of the OIOpublisher plugin website had to read since the beginning of 2020. The story of one of the oldest plugins for integrating and selling ad space on WordPress websites ended here. Let’s look back at the history of this … Read more

Header Bidding in Advertising

How Header Bidding in advertising works. Learn about the three header bidding model and start with an easy Client-side set-up.

The warning “Only one ‘enable_page_level_ads’ allowed per page”

One Google AdSense issue that we regularly encounter in support is the error adsbygoogle.push() error: Only one ‘enable_page_level_ads’ allowed per page. In this tutorial, I will explain what causes this error, what consequences it has for your website, and how you can fix it once and for all. What causes this error message, and how … Read more

Using responsive image ads

How Advanced Ads uses the new responsive images feature in WordPress to optimize image ads for responsive layouts.

Caching in a nutshell and what it means for ads?

Explaining caching, in a nutshell, is probably harder than actually solving the problems caching can cause when delivering ads. So please bear with me. Imagine the stream of data when a visitor is coming to your website to be like this (very simplified): user – browser – address lookup – server – programing language (PHP) … Read more

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