How to target ads to specific user roles created with the Members plugin

Every WordPress installation has six user roles by default: Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber. All these roles come with different permissions. Therefore, you can use them to organize your members’ permissions and capabilities roughly. However, if you need a finer tool for this task, you must edit your WordPress environment.

Logo of the Members plugin

For this purpose, you can use the free Members plugin. With it, you can extend and customize your WordPress website’s user roles and permissions without coding.

Advanced Ads Pro recognizes all created user roles. You can show or hide ads or placements for specific user roles by applying the User Role visitor condition.

For example, on a multi-author blog, you could prevent logged-in editors from seeing AdSense ads, avoiding artificially increasing the number of ad impressions tracked. Or you can ensure that paying members of your site won’t see any ads, which only appear to visitors without membership.

Set up the User Role condition

You must first enable the advanced visitor conditions in Advanced Ads > Settings > Pro to target ads to specific user roles.

Advanced visitor conditions
Enable the advanced visitor conditions in the settings of Advanced Ads Pro

Now, you can add this visitor condition like all other conditions in the corresponding ads or placements dropdown menu.

In the next step, set whether Advanced Ads should hide or show the ad or placement for the selected user role.

User role condition of Advanced Ads
Add the visitor condition User role to your ad unit and target it to specific roles created by Members

Example: Hiding ads for particular user groups

The following example shows a scenario where a particular ad should not be loaded for the ‘Golden Member’ and ‘Silver Member’ user roles.

A typical use case for this is the internal promotion of a paid membership.

Ads for specific Members user roles
Hide ads for specific user roles created by members

What else you should know about targeted ads and the Members plugin

If you use any caching on your site, please enable Cache Busting. This option will ensure that visitor conditions work correctly.


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