How to manage ads on membership sites running Paid Memberships Pro

Using the Paid Memberships Pro plugin on your website can benefit from some features thanks to a dedicated integration with Advanced Ads Pro. Use them to manage your ads on restricted membership content as well as to target your visitors’ membership levels. Basic setup for ads in Paid Memberships Pro The free plugin Paid Memberships Pro … Read more

Anzeigen auf einer Membership-Seite von Paid Memberships Pro verwalten

Wenn du das Plugin Paid Memberships Pro auf deiner Website verwendest, stehen dir dank einer Integration in Advanced Ads Pro einige spezielle Features zur Verfügung. So kannst du sehr komfortabel sowohl Anzeigen auf geschützten Mitgliederbereichen verwalten als auch Anzeigen gezielt an Benutzer definierbarer Membership-Levels ausspielen. Grundlegende Einstellungen für Anzeigen in Paid Memberships Pro Paid Memberships … Read more

How to integrate The Moneytizer into WordPress

The Moneytizer is a large advertising platform that optimizes ads from several ad networks like AdSense or Criteo. Users of Advanced Ads regularly ask us how to implement The Moneytizer ads into their WordPress websites, so we wrote the following tutorial. You will learn about the different ad formats, how to use Advanced Ads for … Read more

AdSense Payment or how and when does AdSense pay

Some of the most important questions for website owners who use AdSense to generate revenue from ads are about how to receive their money. So in this article, I listed the most important questions that users of our Advanced Ads plugin keep asking me regarding AdSense payments. What do I need to set up? Before … Read more

Fix ads in your content when scrolling

The Advanced Ads team is the new maintainer of the famous Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin and now takes care of over 100,000 websites using this plugin. I see a lot of potential combining the features of Advanced Ads and Fixed Widget when it comes down to improving the visibility of ads and other content, like … Read more

WP Engine and ads

WP Engine hosting can be tricky with ads. Thanks to our developer accounts we found a few solutions to make it work with Advanced Ads.

Automatischen Anzeigen (AdSense) in WordPress

Automatische Anzeigen von AdSense sind eine einfache Möglichkeit, mit Anzeigenvermarktung auf deiner Webseite zu starten. AdSense entscheidet hier selbst über die Platzierung und die Anzahl von Anzeigen auf deiner Seite. Als Herausgeber der Webseite musst du das Setup nur ein Mal einrichten.

Fixing a responsive AdSense ad from covering text

Most AdSense ads are responsive, which means that they adapt dynamically to the available width of the screen. This ad type is great for layouts that fit on desktops and mobile devices. There is one issue I am aware of that causes publishers a headache: When you show a responsive ad next to a floated … Read more

How to define a specific order in a group

If you combine ads in our Ordered group type, Advanced Ads will check them in the given order. The first ad that is checked with a positive result is also displayed. Some users expect this group to rotate ads evenly, e.g., show ad #1 first, then ad #2, #3, etc., and finally start again with #1. While … Read more

How to set up AdSense Matched Content Ads in WordPress

Google deprecated the Matched Content ad format from March 2022. Instead, AdSense automatically converts these ads into Multiplex ads now. You can learn how to create and embed ads of this type in our tutorial about Google AdSense Multiplex Ads. AdSense Matched Content ads are a native ad format that engages users and helps to increase … Read more

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