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Bring ad management to a new level and extend your possibilities with the powerful tools of Advanced Ads Pro. Start optimizing the performance of your ads today and get more revenue out of your website.

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Place ads in positions with the highest attraction

Increase your income by giving your ads the attention they deserve. Get more placements, allowing you to show ads in the positions that generate the most attention, e.g., as refreshing ads in the middle or at random places in the content, between posts on archive pages, in ad grids, or as background ads.

Place ads in positions with the highest attraction
Advanced Ads Pro provides precise ad targeting

Increase your revenue by precise targeting 

Get more display and visitor conditions to target ads based on parameters like geolocation, URL referrer, user role, browser language, keywords, specific cookies, number of previous ad or page impressions, and more to gain income.

Use frequency capping to meet the requirements of your networks and ad refresh for more ad attraction.

Improve your page speed for better rankings

Don’t lose visitors and revenue by a slow-loading website. Ads from external ad networks can negatively impact your website performance, resulting in a higher bounce rate and affecting your rankings in search engines.

With Lazy Loading, you can solve these problems and significantly improve the page speed of your website.

Advanced Ads Pro can improve your page speed
Secure your account with click fraud protection of Advanced Ads Pro

Secure your income with Click Fraud Protection

The Click Fraud Protection guards your ads against fraudulent clicks from competitors or malicious bots.

Enable this security mechanism to avoid problems with your ad networks and prevent your accounts from being banned or limited.

Boost your income and monetize ad block users

Monetize your website visitors who typically don’t see your regular ads because of the use of an AdBlocker.

Show them AdBlocker fallbacks and close this earnings gap.

Monetize users with an enabled adblocker
Convenient integrations with other pugins

Save time with convenient integrations

You don’t need to be a WordPress expert to integrate ads into your website with Advanced Ads. Make all the settings yourself with a few clicks in your backend without having to edit your theme files. Use the intuitive frontend picker to position ads where you want them on your website.

Advanced Ads Pro integrates seamlessly with BuddyPress, BuddyBoss, bbPress, GamiPress, WPML, WP Bakery, or Paid Memberships Pro. If one of these plugins runs on your website, you can automatically choose the appropriate placements and conditions to target your ads intuitively.

WP Kube

You can make more money
Advanced Ads gives you more control over the ads on your site. You can make sure they display to the right users and in the right locations. Plus, you can easily swap them out if you want to try a different ad provider. By using its tools to optimize your ad placements, you can make more money from the same number of ads, which should be the goal for any webmaster.

Dev Sharma (WP Kube) – deployed Advanced Ads Pro in multiple projects

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Prices include updates and support for one year, excluding VAT.
You may cancel at any time. See pricing page for details.

Advanced Ads Pro is the #1 WordPress ad management plugin

Here are some features why so many successful website owners choose Advanced Ads Pro.

A/B testing

A/B Testing

Create A/B tests between different ad placements or use rotating ad groups to find the best performing ads and positions.

Adblocker monetization

AdBlocker Monetization

Monetize users with an ad blocker by showing them content that cannot be blocked.

lazy loading

Lazy Loading

Improve your page speed and save performance! Only load ads when they appear on the visible screen of your users.

cache busting

Cache Busting

Enable dynamic ads, ad rotations, and the use of visitor conditions on super-fast websites.

ad refresh

Ad Refresh

Refresh ads without reloading the page to fight ad blindness or test different ads against each other.

ads in content with a minimum number of words

More ads in longer posts

Display your ad only in posts or pages containing a minimum number of words. This way, you can exclude ads from very short pages.

click fraud protection

Click Fraud Protection

Protect your reputation and your accounts by preventing anyone from clicking ads too often.

ad grids

Ad Grids

Increase the visibility of ads using an ad slider or an ad grid with multiple rows and columns that you can customize.

ads based on content

Ads based on content

Insert ads depending on certain keywords that are included in the content.

ad server

Ad server

Display ads on other websites that don’t use Advanced Ads or even WordPress.

smarter workflows

Smarter Workflows

Duplicate ads, add custom JS or CSS code, or assign dedicated user roles to simplify your workflows.

frequency capping

Frequency Capping

Limit the number of ad impressions for the same users to meet the requirements of your networks.

geo targeting

Geo Targeting

Pinpoint your visitors by country, region, or even city and display ads relevant to their geolocation.

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