In order use an existing placement for multiple ads or to fight ad blindness, you can rotate ads on the same spot during the same page impression.

In Advanced Ads, this is possible with three features:

Ad rotation in Advanced Ads Pro

With Advanced Ads Pro, you have the additional option of enabling a refresh interval for random and ordered ad groups.

In order to use that feature, you need to enable the cache-busting module in Advanced Ads > Settings > Pro.

The option itself can be found in the group’s options.

ad refresh interval option

Just enable the option and set the time for the refresh in milliseconds.

The ads will then be reloaded automatically.

If you are using the Tracking add-on, the impression will be counted once per page and only, if the ad really showed up.

What else you need to know

The number of visible ads at the same time is limited to one when the ad refresh is enabled.

Counting impressions for ad refreshes like this is taking some performance since every call to an ad is loading parts of WordPress. The impact of multiple ad rotations per page set up like above on your server should be monitored by a server admin.

Different delay per ad

If you create a rotation like above and would like to customize the period on a per-ad basis, e.g., for a video or gif to finish, you can use the following code template in your functions.php  file.

add_filter( 'advanced-ads-group-refresh-intervals', 'advads_refresh_intervals' );
function advads_refresh_intervals( $intervals ){
    // pattern: $intervals[ AD_ID ] = PERIOD_IN_MILLISECONDS;
    $intervals[ 4 ] = 4000;
    $intervals[ 15 ] = 1500;
    return $intervals;

The example above defines the delay of the ad with the ID 4 to 4 seconds and ad 15 to 1.5 seconds.

Prevent ads from jumping

You might need to adjust some CSS in order to prevent ads from jumping on the first or any other following load.

Use the CSS code (in an adjusted form) from this link.