Advanced Ads Pro version 2.0 comes with new and powerful features to improve performance, gain revenues and make your ads safer.

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Show alternative ads to ad block users

The wide use of ad blockers leads to decreasing revenues and can finally cause a serious problem for websites which are monetarized by display ads. While it is not always possible to show the same ad to ad block users, you can still use the available space to engage or even monetize them.

While the basic version of Advanced Ads comes with an option to count visitors using an ad blocker, Advanced Ads Pro allows you to select an alternative ad for each placement to show up if the visitor uses an ad blocker.

Here you can find an overview of all ad blocker related features.

Lazy Load ads

Lazy Load is a technology that prevents loading elements on a website before they would appear in the visible area of the browser window. This keeps the loading time to a minimum and improves its performance. What is very common for images is with Advanced Ads Pro 2.0 now also available for ads.

Reduce load time with Lazy Load for ads

In this tutorial, you can learn more about lazy loading ads.

Click Fraud Protection

Click fraud is happening when someone clicks on an ad who is not interested in its content while on the other end, an advertiser is paying for that click. You can imagine that ad networks, like AdSense, and also clients who purchase ad space on your site might have a problem with that.

Advanced Ads Pro comes with a Click Fraud Protection feature to hide ads when a user clicks too often on them.

Default click fraud protection options

We also added a similar Visitor Condition called Max. Ad Clicks, which allows you to define the maximum amount of clicks a single user can make on an ad before removing it.


Read more about Click Fraud Protection on this page.

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