If anything seems odd or even broken in Advanced Ads and you need help, then one of the following common solutions might help.

Check and fix any issues in your WordPress dashboard on Advanced Ads > Support > Possible issues.

Common solutions

  • use PHP version 5.3 and above
  • disable your ad blocker
  • refresh or disable cache for testing
  • resave the problematic ad, ad group, and placement settings
  • update WordPress and all plugins and themes
  • missing license key for add-ons

Other things you should check

  • Try another browser (and report which one is broken)

Running the latest version?

Before moving on, please check if you are running the latest version of the main plugin and the add-ons. Keep in mind that updates for add-ons are only displayed if you entered the licence key.

Check for JavaScript conflicts

JavaScript is the programing language that many ad codes are using. If another plugin, theme or custom code causes a JavaScript error it might also break other code and therefore prevent ads from showing up.

This page is a perfect ressource for all you need to know about how to spot JavaScript errors.

Not every JavaScript conflict must interfere with your ads, but it normally breaks something else, so fixing them is good for your site anyway.

Check for plugin conflicts

With tens of thousands of plugins in the WordPress universe, there is always a chance that some won’t work well together. The reasons for conflicts are different. It might be bad code, two plugins doing the same, or conflicting aims.

List of known plugin conflicts and fixes

Please try to rule out a plugin conflict by disabling some of them. You might want to look especially for plugins that

  • alter the content of posts and pages
  • optimize or minify code in the frontend

You can disable plugins for your user only and not everyone else on your site using the Health Check plugin.

I am always trying to make Advanced Ads compatible with the most popular WordPress plugins, so if you find a conflict with a plugin then please let me know.


Caching page views can cause ads not rotating or not updating properly. You can read more about this in caching and ads or use cache-busting in Advanced Ads Pro to solve this issue.

Minification of JavaScript files

If you are using a solution that minifies JS files or moves them into the footer, some scripts from Advanced Ads (especially some add-ons) might not work properly. While Minification works (tested with the popular Autoptimize plugin), moving scripts to the footer might not.

You can also exclude the Advanced Ads JavaScript files from minification to test if this is really the cause of the issue.

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