The page contains information and possible solutions for conflicts between Advanced Ads, one of its add-ons and third-party plugins.

Amazon Associates Link Builder

The plugin produces plenty of JavaScript errors in the backend which break scripts and feature from many plugins. The issue is already reported. It is fixed since version 1.5.3. of this plugin.


BuddyPress seems to set the post ID of some pages (e.g., the Activity page) to 0 which creates a few issues. See The current post ID is 0.


Not a conflict between the plugin, but more about Elementor and some types of ad codes.

When an ad code uses JavaScript with document.write in it then the preview will not work and only show the ad. It would happen with any JavaScript, not just the one that might be managed through Advanced Ads.

If this bothers you then you can request an ad code without document.write from your ad network.

Facebook Instant Articles & Google AMP Pages by PageFrog

When using ads on AMP pages with the mentioned plugin, please uncheck this option to allow the content injection.

Force AMP compliance by removing other plugins/functions from AMP pages

Go Pricing – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables

The Go Pricing plugin is broken, causing ads to be saved as WordPress posts. It also caused a lot of other issues unrelated to Advanced Ads on the site we saw it on. The developers make it impossible for non-customers to reach them and help with a solution.

Gravity Forms

When the no conflicts mode is enabled in the Gravity Forms settings then there might be a conflict with our shortcode button. You can either uncheck that option or go to Advanced Ads > Settings > General > Admin and enable the Disable shortcode button option.

A user also reported that Gravity Forms causes not all ads to show up on the ad overview page.

GT Shortcodes

  • conflict between JavaScript libraries in the dashboard leads to the wrong format of form fields – but doesn’t seem to affect features.
  • some JavaScript conflict in the frontend prevents centering and fixing Sticky ads properly.

iThemes Security

The iThemes Security plugin does prevent cookies from working in AJAX calls, which would prevent some Visitor Conditions in Advanced Ads Pro to work when AJAX cache-busting is enabled.

One user reported, that uninstalling and re-installing iThemes Security helped.

If you rely on the features of this plugin, then please try All In One WP Security & Firewall as an alternative.

Jetpack – Publicize

The Publicize module in Jetpack seems to break the ad injection on single post pages.

Disabling OpenGraph creation, e.g., by using the Yoast SEO plugin, seems to be one solution that works without disabling the module.

jQuery Pin It Button for Images

If you see Pinterest buttons above image ads add the following lines of code to your theme’s functions.php.

 * prevent Pin It Button on image ads when is installed
add_filter( 'advanced-ads-ad-image-tag-attributes', 'advads_prevent_pin_it_button' );
function advads_prevent_pin_it_button( $attributes ){
	return $attributes . " class='nopin'";

You also need to make sure that nopin is added to the Disabled classes option in Selection settings, which it is by default.


If you are using the Linker plugin, the search function on the ad overview page under Advanced Ads > Ads is broken. The developers are informed, but have not yet responded to the problem.

PHP Compatibility Checker

The PHP Compatibility Checker might not be able to scan Advanced Ads completely. This is true for many other plugins and mostly depends on your setting and hosting. You can read about possible solutions in their FAQ.

We check Advanced Ads for PHP 5.6 and various 7.x versions before a new release and fix undiscovered compatibility warnings quickly when reported.


Relevanssi optimizes the WordPress search. To hide ads within the search or break some other ads on that page, you should exclude ads, (ad groups and ad authors) from being considered in the search results.

Relevanssi allows you to enable indexing and search for custom post types. This could break the search for ads under Advanced Ads > Ads. To solve this, disable indexing of the advanced_ads post type, advanced_ads_groups taxonomy and enable the option “Respect exclude_from_search”. (verified on May 30, 2020).

Similar Posts

Slug: similar-posts

The plugin shows similar posts. You can choose to show excerpts as well. When doing that, the plugin loads the whole content of posts, including all elements (technically speaking: uses the_content). This includes ads, even though they might not be displayed. Some ad codes might be displayed partially and being broken. Ad impressions might also be tracked for those invisible ads.

There doesn’t seem to be an option to disable this behavior in the Similar Posts plugin automatically or manually.

When you are displaying their output in the content of your posts then you can use the Disable ads in Secondary Queries option in Advanced Ads > Settings > General to remove ad output. For other positions of Similar Posts, the solution can only be to not use the excerpt option.


The integrated lazyloading option of this plugin can under certain circumstances cause Advanced Ads to no longer display image ads in some placements.

This problem occurs when you enable the Smush lazyloading and activate the Advanced Ads lazyloading on sidebar placements. In this configuration, ads on widget placements, pop-up placements, and custom position placements are not showing-up.

If you need the Smush lazy loading feature, we recommend either

  • disabling this option for specific locations in the Smush settings
  • disabling the option for particular file types in the Smush settings, for example, disable it for PNG files and convert your image ads into this format
  • disabling the Advanced Ads lazyload for sidebar placements

Social Warfare

This plugin might add a Pin it button to your image ads if you have that feature enabled. A user reported that there is an option to disable that button.

The Events Calendar

The plugin can show the following message:

The Ad “AD TITLE” uses the “events” slug: the Events Calendar plugin will show its calendar in place of the page.

This seems to not use an ad slug, but an ad group. Either way, if you have an ad or ad group called “Events” then you can just ignore this warning because neither of them is displayed in the frontend and really use that slug.

W3 Total Cache

The Object Cache feature breaks transients, which means that WordPress backends might check for available updates of all installed plugins on every page request. Users might experience a slow backend. The issue doesn’t only happen to Advanced Ads, but with other plugins as well. See this article for more information.


The store page which displays all of your products might be listed among your static pages but is technically working as a product archive.

This means that for the General Conditions display condition it responds to the Archives condition, not Singular Pages. For the Post Type condition, it responds to Products post type, not Pages.

If you are using our Tracking add-on then make sure the following setting is disabled: WooCommerce > Settings > General > Default Customer Location > pick the third option, which is IP without cache. This will remove the IP address from the URL, which breaks out click tracking URLs.

WordFence (excessive CPU usage)

It isn’t related to Advanced Ads but was reported suspecting our plugins, so we added this here anyway.

WordFence has a live scanning feature which can lead to a lot of requests. Some hosters, like SiteGround in this case, have limits for requests and might block your website if there are too many of them.

WP Minify

WP Minify might cause features from Advanced Ads Pro or other add-ons to not work properly, including ads not showing up. The reason is that the plugin minifies the files wrongly.

To get the ad shown in this placement while keeping the JS minification, you can simply exclude the javascript files from Advanced Ads (Pro) from minification.

You can do that on the wp-minify settings page. It’s normally on the Settings menu of the admin panel, after the Permalinks. In the Local JavaScript exclusion list (the first big text area from the top of the page), enter “advanced-ads-pro” (w/o the quotes) and update the options.

There is now a plugin called WP Minify Fix, which is basically WP Minify on which some bug-fixes and additional features have been added because WP Minify was not updated since 2012. The plugin is at It might work more stable.