Recommended Ad Networks

In more than 10 years as publishers and developers of Advanced Ads, we have tested and integrated many ad networks. We have seen only a few networks thrive, and a lot more vanish entirely. The following page contains ad networks that we have seen working for us or some of our users.

Our main criteria for the ad networks on this list were:

  • they could outperform AdSense (which depends on location and topic of the site)
  • they are open to websites with less than 1 MM page impressions per month
  • their technical support is, in general, reliable
  • and they are relatively simple to set up (depending on the features used) logo

The affiliate program is the right choice if you run a travel website or destination website. The affiliate program offers different widgets like a deal finder or a map widget. You can also create deep links to search result pages, city and country pages, or particular hotel pages. The commissions are turnover-dependent, and amount to 25-40% of the commission receives for each booking.

Our colleague Joachim monetizes his travel sites with and makes four-digit revenues per month from the hotel bookings.


Ezoic logo

In the last years, we have seen Ezoic grow from simply optimizing display ads to being a platform that helps with page speed, SEO, or gathering cookie consents. Their monetization features now include fully automatic ad placements, optimization, and testing. Most of these services are free of charge.

Thomas was initially overwhelmed when he tested all the features on his travel website. But then he quickly realized how many other services and plugins he could replace with it. If you are a bit experienced in managing web projects and knowing the value of the mentioned features, we would recommend testing Ezoic with one of your next projects.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense logo

AdSense is probably the first ad network you will get in contact with. We had the pleasure of working with their team when integrating dedicated support for their ads. Thomas also experienced the great food served in the Dublin headquarters, making the rest of the team quite jealous.

AdSense is a great starting point to learn how to manage ad units and improve their performance by running tests. The large number of advertisers bidding through them makes sure that they pay relatively well, especially when the ads are visible to the users. While we recommend testing other ad networks and monetization strategies, AdSense can always serve as a benchmark for ad revenue.

Our dedicated AdSense integration allows you to pull ad units, reports, and warnings from your AdSense account into your site or automatically build AMP-valid ad tags without touching any code.

recommended ad network is often the first recommendation when publishers ask us for an AdSense alternative that delivers classic display ads. Like AdSense, they have single tags to be added to your site or a feature close to AdSense Auto ads.

Compared to many other ad networks, does not depend on Google technology. This independence means that even though they have similar program guidelines as AdSense, there is still a chance for sites to used them when AdSense rejected their application. is most likely to work in the UK, Canadian and US markets. Unfortunately, no longer offers Paypal as a payment method, but only supports the payment service provider Payoneer.

Our recommendation is to always test a few alternative ad networks on your site with little traffic. It could be just 5-10%, which you can easily do by creating ad groups with weighted ads in Advanced Ads.

The Moneytizer

Recommended ad network the Moneytizer

The Moneytizer has established itself for several years as an alternative to AdSense. They might also accept websites rejected by Google. They also offer direct and personal support to their publishers.

At The Moneytizer, you can choose from a vast pool of different advertising formats, e.g., Billboard banners, Skin ads, Recommended content ads, Slide-ins, or Pop-Under Ads. Their technology bases on the header bidding technology, which gives different partners access to the ad space on your site.

Our tests showed relatively similar click prices as with AdSense. Depending on the thematic focus of your website, it might be worth trying out this network.

The Moneytizer offers a EUR 5 welcome bonus if you are using this registration link. The ad network accepts websites with at least 30,000 unique visitors per month.

Amazon Affiliate Partners

Amazon logo

Instead of using an ad network, you can apply as an affiliate partner for Amazon.

Amazon and other affiliate partnerships work well when your visitors intend to purchase a product. The more your content focuses on their need and the closer they spend money on a solution, the better affiliate marketing can work for you.

You might have to apply to Amazon’s partner network in multiple areas if you serve users from various locations.


Setupad is a European ad network specialized in header bidding and programmatic ads. It allows medium and large publishers to quickly implement the header bidding technology to offer ad spaces to over 20 Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs), including Google.

Setupad logo

Due to greater competition between multiple bidders for the same ad space, publishers can earn more revenue than by connecting their websites exclusively to one network. 

Thus, Setupad guarantees an increase in revenue of at least 30% compared to Google AdSense when publishers implement the network’s recommendations. According to Setupad, most customers achieve even more significant revenue increases. There are no additional costs for the publishers. Setupad works on revenue share model.

Setupad uses ad placements compliant with the Better Ads Standards, including sticky and anchor ad formats for desktop and mobile. Here, you can see all available ad formats at a glance.

We recommend testing Setupad to check how high the actual revenue increase will be in the end. The average eCPM depends on many variables, e.g., the traffic origin or the thematic focus of the website. Setupad works best on websites with traffic from the USA or the EU. Furthermore, the website must be compliant with Google Publisher policies and must not have violated them in the past.

Sites with more than 1 MM page impressions

There are a lot of ad networks that only accept larger sites. Some of them require more than one or even three million monthly page impressions.

You can find a list of ad networks and partners verified by Google AdSense on their Google Publisher Partners website.

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