When creating or editing an ad unit, you can adjust the ad layout with the ad Layout / Output options. You can define the position, margin values and assign existing style settings by specifying a container ID or container classes.

Advanced Ads Pro offers additional options to insert custom code and display an ad only once per page.

Basic Features

Layout / Output options of Advanced Ads


Go to Advanced Ads > Ads and create a new ad or edit an existing ad unit. Scroll down to the Layout / Output options.


With the Position option, you can align the ad to the left, center or right inside your layout. Use the clearfix option to prevent following elements from floating around the ad.

Please note: the configuration of your Ad Label alignment in the options of a Placement overrides these settings.


The Margin option allows you to add distance to adjacent elements around the ad unit. This way, you can shape the appearance of your ads inside your layout.

without margin (l.) and with margin (r.)

Container ID

Specify the ID of the ad container. Leave blank for random or no id.  An id-like string with only letters in lower case, numbers, and hyphens.

Container Classes

Specify one or more classes for the container. You can separate multiple classes with a space.

Advanced Features

With Advanced Ads Pro you get additional options to customize the appearance and behaviour of your ad.

Display Only Once

This option defines, that the ad is shown only once per page.

Custom Code

You can customize your ad with additional HTML and CSS. Just insert your custom code into the textbox.

additional Layout / Output options with Advanced Ads Pro

What else you need to know

  • For the features above, the ad code is practically wrapped in an additional block (div ) and inline styles.
  • The clearfix option adds a <br/>  tag with inline styles behind the wrapper.
  • You don’t need to type “#” or “.” in the fields for Container ID and Container Classes