Visual Composer by WPBakery is one of the most popular premium page builder for WordPress. No wonder that I receive many requests on how to use ads, and especially AdSense ad units, directly within the Visual Composer interface.

Until now, the simple solution was to use a shortcode from an ad, group, or placement created with Advanced Ads and put it into the text element provided by Visual Composer. However, finding it again among other text elements was a challenge to some users.

Download the Ads for WPBakery Add-On

Advanced Ads and Visual Composer

If you are not a user of Advanced Ads yet, you should look at its powerful features.

Visual Composer by WPBakery is a premium page builder for WordPress. Instead of writing all your texts and include shortcodes in the Classic WordPress editor, Visual Composer replaces that text area with an interface consisting of widget-like elements. You can individually configure those elements and build detailed pages with various features. Also, you can even edit pages in the frontend and see live how they change.

Visual Composer Ads add-on

With the increasing demand, I build an add-on to integrate Advanced Ads and Visual Composer. You can download it for free from

Once installed and activated, the add-on you should find three new Visual Composer elements in the editor:

  • Advanced Ads – Ad
  • Advanced Ads – Group
  • Advanced Ads – Placement

There is also a new tab called Ads with these elements.

Visual Composer Ad Elements Tab

Where to find the ID?

When you add and open one of the widgets, you will find an input field for an id of the ad element.

Visual Composer Ads Box


Open the ad edit screen and stop the Wizard, if active. You should now see the Ad ID below the ad title.

Ad ID field

Group ID

Ad Group ID field

The Group ID is listed in the details column of the ad group list.

Placement ID

Create a Manual placement. Open the list of placements and click on show usage below the placement’s name. Extract the ID from the id attribute in the shortcode field.

In the screenshot below, the placement ID is theme-header.

Ad Placement ID