MonetizeMore acquires Advanced Ads 

Hi there,

Today, I’d like to share some news with everyone involved with my plugins and company. If you are in a hurry, let me summarize what has transpired. In a friendly acquisition, Advanced Ads joined MonetizeMore in March 2023. My team and I will stay with the company and continue working on Advanced Ads products. MonetizeMore shares our product vision and there are no changes planned to the terms of your active subscriptions, existing product features, or service levels.

Now, allow me to go back a bit. In 2009, I started my ad-monetized publishing business. This led me to develop an ad management plugin called “Advanced Ads” in 2014 since none of the existing ones supported responsive ads, cached websites, or split testing for better ad performance. What started as an in-house project became and continues to be the innovative force among ad plugins, supporting a team of 12, and powering over 150,000 websites worldwide.

I am proud of what we have achieved, but I never found much joy in fulfilling the executive and administrative roles in such a successful project. I would like to go back to working on practical tasks as a team member and a peer among colleagues.

After a lot of consideration and conversations, I have realized that the best way to do this is by passing on the company ownership to a respectful and sensible market participant.

Over the years, I had talked to various potential partners, investors, and acquirers so that when the time came, I would know the best option for my team, my customers and users, and myself. Ideally, the new owner would have experience and complementary offers in the field of website monetization so that merging would create new opportunities for everyone.

In MonetizeMore, I have found the perfect company to build on my original vision for Advanced Ads.

Their team of over 280+ people has been helping web publishers and app developers monetize their projects with custom services and tools since 2010. We have been discussing supporting and cross-promoting each other for a while and eventually agreed that it would be most beneficial for each party to join forces.

MonetizeMore is taking over all assets and projects related to Advanced Ads, including the Fixed Widget plugin. I am keeping my other premium plugin Image Source Control, which was never part of the Advanced Ads suite, and I will run it as a side project.

The Advanced Ads team and I are staying on board. I will make my wish come true in a new role and focus on the product and customers again.

MonetizeMore will invest further resources into the Advanced Ads product and team. New features and options will be added to help increase revenues, data transparency, and reduce policy risk. MonetizeMore also brings years of industry knowledge and expertise–with plans to provide additional ad optimization education and resources for active subscribers.

If you have questions related to the takeover, then please reach out via email. We will update this post with answers to your questions.

My thanks go to everyone who chose Advanced Ads for ad monetization and the amazing team that helped us grow together. I am very much looking forward to continuing to work with all of you in the future.


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The Advanced Ads team and I have indefinite contracts. We will stay on board helping our dear publishers.

MonetizeMore’s offers are currently focused on medium to small publishers. Therefore, they can offer more personal support with header bidding and ad optimization than we can. Contact them to investigate improvements and get practical help with your ad setup. Their Traffic Cop service is a solution for you if the Advanced Ads Click Fraud Protection cannot keep all bots away from clicking on your ads.

Advanced Ads will stay a German company under German / European law. There is no change related to the GDPR.​

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