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The Best WordPress Plugin to Manage your Ads

Manage your ads

Join our user base of more than 150,000 professionals who use Advanced Ads to increase the profits from their websites.

Top Features

Unlimited Ads

Unlimited Ads

Manage and display an unlimited number of ads, rotations, and placements.

Flexible Ad Types

Flexible Ad Types

Use any ad network, static images, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, or even shortcodes.

Powerful targeting

Powerful targeting

Target specific user groups and pages on your website to deliver the best-performing call-to-actions.

Schedule Ads

Schedule Ads

Plan your ad campaigns with start and expiry date and time.

For fast websites

For fast websites

Compatibility with any caching solution plus optional lazy loading keep your website fast.

Real-Time Stats

Real-time Stats

See impressions and clicks in your WordPress dashboard or combine them with your Google Analytics metrics.

Shareable reports

Shareable reports

Send reports directly via email or link to your clients and receive summarized reports to your own inbox.

AdSense and GAM integration

AdSense and GAM integration

Import AdSense and Google Ad Manager ad units without copy & pasting any code.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

Rotate ads and placements to find the best performing ad units and positions.

Fight ad blindness

Fight ad blindness

Use rotations and random paragraphs to increase the attention of your ads.

Secure your accounts

Secure your accounts

Click Fraud Protection and AdSense warnings help you secure your accounts from violations.

Integration made easy

Integration made easy

Use pre-defined integrations for your favorite membership plugin or theme, or build your own using more than 100 hooks.

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A Powerful WordPress Ad Management Plugin

“Advanced Ads is a great plugin that makes it easier to manage your ads, display them in the right locations, and target the right users. If you are someone who is already making a decent income from their blog, using pro addons will further optimize your revenue.”

Harsh Agrawal (

Top 5 Reasons Why

Here is why our customers and users treasure Advanced Ads

Display an ad in under 1 minute

  • Our WordPress Advertising Plugin makes publishing an ad as easy as writing a post.
  • Pre-defined ad types request only the information needed to create an advertisement.
  • Automatic placements ensure your banners appear without you having to touch the code of your theme or go into existing posts.

Speed up your ad creation process with Advanced Ads

Reporting gives you powerful insights

  • Reports on ad impressions and clicks help you focus on your best performing ads, identify the winners in A/B testing and give you credibility with your advertising clients.
  • You can use reporting in the WordPress ad plugin backend or send it out to your clients via email or sharable link. Use the Google Analytics integration to combine ad reports with your website metrics for even more insights.

Get actionable insights from your ad reports

Pre-defined placements with no coding required

  • Plenty of available placements can display ads where and how you want them to appear without hiring a developer.
  • Content placements add ads to existing posts and pages which you can fine-tune with plenty of conditions.
  • You can also define a minimum amount of words between them or minimum content length for a better user experience.

Save time with powerful placements

Various layouts to increase your revenue

  • Ad grids or sliders allow you to create ad blocks to sell multiple spots to your partners.
  • Pre-defined placements like Background or Sticky Ads allow you to monetize positions that are normally not available without coding.
  • You can test various outputs and positions using A/B split testing to identify what works best on your website.

Find the best performing ad setup

Work with a team that has already done it

  • Whatever your challenge, strategic or technical, we have probably been there.
  • The Advanced Ads WordPress advertising plugin started as an in-house project for our websites that had over 100 MM monthly ad impressions.
  • Learn from over 100 tutorials on our website or reach out via email support to find the solution you are looking for.

Get access to priority email support

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Advanced Ads is the plugin you need

“WP Advanced Ads is the plugin you need if you’re serious about ad revenue on your website. I use it for my own site as well as numerous clients, some of which are top-of-the-line influencers in Denmark—and it just works. Whenever I’m in need of it, I get fast and extremely qualified support. I’ll recommend this plugin to everybody working with ads.”

Mads Andersen ( and

Increase your revenue

Use advanced features without spending more time embedding them.
Join over 150 000 publishers and AdOpts who are already optimizing their ad revenues. 

Seamlessly integrate Advanced Ads

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Advanced Ads helped us to grow
to 40 MM page impressions

Before using Advanced Ads, my content business was trapped. I was always in the middle when it came to testing new ad networks and positions. My developers didn’t know which campaigns were running and the AdOpts didn’t have the coding skills to implement them properly.

So in 2014, I sat down to develop an ad plugin for WordPress as an interface that allowed my colleagues to manage ads without coding while using the same high-performing features I had built over many years.

As a result, our turnover on testing new partners and placements multiplied, resulting in significant growth in revenue while freeing up my time from daily management.

Become more productive and grow your business with Advanced Ads

Did you know?

How increased its ad revenue by 100%

I went from $2 a day +/- to $15 a day

Lazy loading for AdSense helps to
increase a page speed from 56 to 94

Advertising spending is estimated to further grow by more than 5% each year

Over 150 000 websites use Advanced Ads to improve their ad setup and grow their business

Ratings highlight our love to help publishers resulting
in an average of 4.9 of 5

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that our feature list can be overwhelming. The All Access pass is by far the best deal. Use the 30-days refund period to test it.

Yes, we give refunds within 30-days of the initial purchase. No further conditions or hidden policies. Read more about refunds.

Yes, no problem. You can always upgrade from a single add-on or license to All Access or a larger number of sites, and will only pay the difference. Read more about upgrades.

When you cancel your subscription and your license expires you will no longer have access to new features, bug fixes, and support. You can still use our plugins on the sites you activated the licenses though. Read more about license duration.

You need one license per website. On multisites, each blog where you activate our add-ons counts as one site and needs a license. Learn more about multisite features.

No. You can activate the license on your test site and your live site at the same time. Find more information about test sites.

Our prices are given in EUR, but the payment providers convert them automatically from any currency you are using.

I have another question

Great, please get in touch.

How can you benefit from Advanced Ads?

Many different businesses identified Advanced Ads as their go-to solution to improve their workflow and increase revenue.

Publishers & Bloggers

… can use advanced ad placements, target ads, and run A/B tests without hiring a developer. This gives them resources to focus on their content while building a profitable business.

  • Plenty of control without needing to code
  • Display an ad in under 1 minute
  • Inject ads into existing posts
  • Target ads on specific users and pages

Local News sites

… can schedule and rotate ads from multiple clients and send out ad reports automatically.

  • Scheduling ads
  • Send reports to clients
  • Ad Grids and Rotations
  • Geo-targeting


… use Advanced Ads to embed ads from different networks and partner sites, and find the best-performing ones through tests.

  • A/B tests
  • Reporting on click-through-rates
  • Use images or any HTML and JavaScript in ads
  • Include external impression tracking


… can publish ad tags without waiting for the dev department. This allows them to focus on their revenue-increasing tasks.

  • Google Ad Manager integration
  • Targeting and display conditions
  • Reporting in Google Analytics
  • A/B Testing ads and placements


…promote their products in your blog or cross-sell them throughout various product pages.

  • Use shortcodes and blocks from your shop system
  • Click-through-reports
  • Inject ads into existing product pages
  • Target specific products and categories

Agencies & Developers

… love our empathy when working with client projects, our extensive documentation, and the extendability of the plugin for custom solutions.

  • Free licenses for test sites
  • Access to support even if their client purchased the license
  • Readable and well-documented code-base
  • Over 100 hooks

Make it better

Increase your ad management skills without spending more time.
Join over 150,000 publishers and AdOpts increasing their ad revenue.