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We love to help our publishers reach their goals. A special moment for us is when projects grow out of a hobby into a serious business that can make a living for its owner. This is why we were super excited when our user Frédéric Le Guen mentioned that he was able to increase his ad revenue by 100% with the features provided by Advanced Ads.

Frédéric was kind enough to share his story with other users below.

I have more than 200 articles. So just with one setting, I was able to put an ad before each first paragraph of my articles.

Frédéric Le Guen

Gaining ad revenue with expertise in Excel

As a trainer and consultant, and as an author of books about Excel, Frédéric knows what he is writing about. His website offers a large amount of content, tips, tricks, and tutorials about spreadsheets. Valuable content is the best basis for a healthy monetization.

Hi Frédéric, please introduce yourself and your site to our users.

I’m Frédéric Le Guen. I’m a Microsoft MVP for Excel for almost ten years, and I have created a blog to teach Excel and present all the new features of this application.

You are displaying ads on your site. Is that the main revenue stream, and can you make a living from it?

Yes, I display ads on my site, but I also have income from YouTube. My blog generates 80% of my income, and YouTube makes 20%. I don’t live from this income, yet. I still work as a consultant for companies.
Welcome to

You recently mentioned that you were able to increase your revenue from ads after starting to use Advanced Ads. By how much did you increase it, and what did you do?

That’s easy to tell: 100% 😊. My daily income was around 30€ per day, and with Advanced Ads, I generate 60€ now. Very helpful was the way to create a Placement automatically. I have more than 200 articles. So just with one setting, I was able to put an ad before each first paragraph of my articles.

Which other features or perks of the plugin would you recommend to publishers looking for an ad plugin?

I recommend the simplicity of adding ads in an article with the specific Advanced Ads block within the new WordPress interface. Also, the functionality to embed and fix ads in the sidebar. I have to say that I haven’t tested all the features (like Popup and Layer Ads). So maybe there are also great other options.

Your site offers bilingual content in French and English. Do you use different ad setups per language or geo-location, and do both sites make varying revenues? Is there a difference in the number of visitors on your English and French sites?

In fact, I have two sites on their own URLs: (en) and (fr). So I currently don’t have specific geo-location settings.

I have more visitors on my french website, but the CPM cost is two times higher with English ads rather than French ads (very weird but that’s the reality for years). So, I currently have more income with the French website, which has around two times more articles compared to the English one.

Which ad networks do you use?

AdSense and Ezoic.

In which case do you use AdSense, and when do you prefer Ezoic? Does the income of one noticeably differ between them?

Recently, I earned 20% more with Ezoic. For example, yesterday, I have generated 85$. So your tool has increased my income of 100%, and the engine of Ezoic has added 20% more.

What are your goals for 2020?

Generate enough income to live without working in an office.

Frédéric, thank you very much for giving us those insights. We wish you good luck with your project and a successful and happy new year.

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