Find the basic setup information for our Selling Ads add-on on this page.

Setting up WooCommerce

The Selling Ads add-on is based on the free e-commerce solution WooCommerce.

After installing WooCommerce on your site, the basic setup of WooCommerce is simple if you use their Wizard.

  • Install the WooCommerce plugin and activate it
  • Use the wizard to create all necessary pages automatically
  • Store Locale Setup: Set store location and currency; units don’t matter
  • Shipping & Tax Setup: Disable shipping products option; set up tax according to your local laws
  • Payments: select your preferred payment providers (e.g. credit card, direct bank transfer, check payments, PayPal, stripe or cash on delivery)
  • Ready: decide for yourself, whether you allow tracking or not; this has nothing to do with Advanced Ads

You can also run WooCommerce as a “normal” store and still sell ads through it.

Setting up the Selling Ads add-on

After you installed WooCommerce, go to Advanced Ads > Settings > Selling to set the basic options.

Store admin email

This email address is for active communication. Clients who reply to an automated email from the ad management part of the plugin (not the email generated by WooCommerce) will send it to this address.

Store sender email

This address is only used to send emails from the store. For technical reasons, it should be an address with the domain of the store in it.

Setup page

Choose the page on which the client can upload his data. If you leave the default option enabled, Advanced Ads Selling will create a page with a very raw layout.

When you choose an existing page, the form will be prepended to the content of that page and you can add something else after it or use all other features of your theme on that page, including its layout. You might also want to discourage search engines from indexing this page.

Hide ad setup

Enable this option if you don’t want to include the link to upload the content of ads anywhere in the frontend. This is useful if you set up ads for advertisers manually or use Selling Ads for internal purposes.

WooCommerce fixes

Activate the WooCommerce fixes in case you are using WooCommerce only for selling ads. It will optimize some parts that are not suitable for most ad stores, like removing product images.

List ads in the customer account

Enable this option to show an “Ads” link in the customer account in the frontend with a list of purchased ads and additional information.

The page contains links to the public stats pages of ads when the Advanced Ads Tracking add-on is enabled.

Next step: Setting up a new ad product