Setting up a forum software can be a really tiring endeavor, setting up ads to display on those new forum pages even more. The WordPress plugin bbPress offers an easy solution to the first problem and provides you with the tools to set up your own forums fast and easy. Advanced Ads provides you with all the tools you need to set up your ads on those pages.

Advanced Ads Pro has two placements to help you setting up ads on forum pages created by bbPress, they are called “bbPress Static Content” and “bbPress Reply Content”.

bbpress Ad Placements

How to display an ad on a bbPress page?

First of all you need to decide where you want your ad to show up. There are two different placements with multiple hooks to place your ads.

The bbPress static content placement provides hooks to inject ads into multiple positions on the /forums, /forums/name or /forums/topic/name pages generated by bbPress.

bbpress static hooks ad Placement

The bbPress reply content placement provides hooks to inject your ads at the nth reply on /forums/topic/name pages.

bbPress reply hooks

After choosing the appropriate placement, you only need to select the content you want to display and the hook you want to use from the dropdown menus.

If you are unsatisfied with the positions provided by the hooks, you can also inject ads using the post content placement. However, this will require a basic understanding of the source code of the page you want to inject the ad into and the element to choose from the available options for the injection.