Prevent automatic injection into specific elements

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The following example for the advanced-ads-content-injection-nodes-without-ads filter shows you how you can prevent ad injection by content placements into specific elements.

Any element that has the do-not-inject-here ID will be excluded from ad injection.

add_filter( 'advanced-ads-content-injection-nodes-without-ads', 'my_content_injection_exclude_nodes' );
function my_content_injection_exclude_nodes( $nodes ){
	$nodes[] = array(
		'node' => '#do-not-inject-here',
		'type' => 'ancestor',
	return $nodes;
}Code language: PHP (php)

You can use different values for node:

  • use any ID with a preceding #
  • use any class with a preceding .. This will target all elements with the given class, not just one
  • add % do the end of the node’s name to target any element starting with a specific string, e.g., .element-%

At the current state, only single selectors are supported and not combined ones.

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