Display ads based on browser or device

With Advanced Ads Pro, you can define which browser or device should be able to see an ad with the user agent visitor condition.

You don’t have to make any changes in order to display an ad on all browsers and devices.

To display an ad on a specific browser, search for the Visitor conditions metabox and add the user agent condition.

user-agent visitor condition

Once you added the condition, you can choose from various methods to check it.

User Agents, the identifier for browsers (and devices) are constantly changing. Therefore, Advanced Ads doesn’t provide a list of user agent you can choose from. You can find the identifiers for many browsers on pages like this.

Examples for browser and device checks

Advanced Ads comes with many different types of checks. Here are just some examples of what you might accomplish.

Display ad on iPad only


Display ad on all devices but those with Android OS

user-agent android visitor condition

Display ad on Firefox only

user agent firefox check

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