With Advanced Ads Pro you can display or hide an ad based on URL parameters. This is useful if you have specific parameters in your URL or you want to create additional display conditions.

You don’t have to make any changes to display an ad everywhere. Only use this option if you want to limit where the ad is visible.

To display an ad based on the URL, go to the Display Conditions meta box and add the URL Parameters condition.

url parameter condition check

Once you added the condition, you can choose from various methods to check it.

Be aware, that the top level domain is not checked. E.g., if your domain is http://example.com/directory/variable, then only /directory/variable is checked against your input.

Examples of URL parameter checks

Advanced Ads comes with many different types of checks. Here are just some examples of what you might accomplish.

Display ad for subdirectories. URL is http://example.com/capitals/germany/berlin.

The check is displaying the ad on all pages with capitals in it.

Display condition url parameter

Hide an ad for visitors who come through a referral link (as often used by affiliate programs). URL is http://example.com/shop/?partnerid=123.

Display condition url parameter affiliate ID


The URL parameter condition does not check anchor tags (e.g., https://example.com#anchor. It works with passive Cache Busting, but we would prefer users to not rely on that in the future.