Manage ads on membership sites and community pages

Membership areas on websites can be an excellent way to build and monetize a digital community. Nowadays, there are many different plugins that you can use to set up and manage social sites, online communities, or membership areas on WordPress websites. This page will tell you which solutions are compatible with Advanced Ads and how to target ads on membership sites.

Membership plugins with dedicated conditions and ad placements

Advanced Ads supports different social and community plugins with dedicated placements, display-, and visitor conditions. In summary, they enable you to monetize your audience and target ads to specific user groups comfortably.


Logo bbPress

The WordPress plugin bbPress offers an easy solution to create forums. With this purpose in mind, Advanced Ads Pro comes with two placements to set up your adverts on those pages. We call these placements “bbPress Static Content” and “bbPress Reply Content”.


Logo BuddyBoss

Buddyboss is a modern platform for building and managing digital communities. The plugin is based on BuddyPress and can be extended by numerous features.

Advanced Ads automatically detects if BuddyBoss is installed on your website. In this case, you will automatically find an additional placement that allows you to inject ads or groups into all activity streams, including the member and group streams.

You also have two new conditions at your disposal. With the “BuddyBoss Group” condition, you can target your ads according to the existing and automatically identified groups. Using the “BuddyBoss Profile Field” condition, you can display ads depending on your users’ profile information.


Logo BuddyPress

Inserting ads on BuddyPress pages is challenging because most content is dynamic. Consequently, automatic injections that work well for static posts and pages are not working as expected on all BuddyPress-related pages.

Therefore, Advanced Ads Pro has placements dedicated to placing ads on BuddyPress pages. Use them if you want to target ads to different BuddyPress profiles.

Paid Memberships Pro

Logo Paid Memberships Pro

Closed community- and membership areas are a proven way to share your content with a chosen audience only.

So Advanced Ads Pro provides a dedicated display condition to restrict ads on those membership sites. In addition, you can also find an extra PMP visitor condition to target ad units depending on the membership level of your audience.


Do it like Facebook and target your ads to specific groups of your community members. Advanced Ads Pro is quite powerful, but with PeepSo’s Advanced Ads integration, you can offer your advertisers the possibility of real social ads targeting.

Peepso Community Plugin

On the PeepSo activity stream, you can display all ad types (or ad groups) that come with Advanced Ads. There is also a specific ad type for that community streams like “user avatar”, “user added image”, or “user-added post” provided by a premium PeepSo extension. A specific visitor condition based on your community users’ profile fields will be your friend if you want to target community users with this data.

Please note: The PeepSo Ad Stream placement is incompatible with the Advanced Ads tracking, and neither clicks nor impressions are recorded. The tracking works as expected on all other placements, e.g., in the sidebar next to the activity stream.

Membership plugins that integrate through user role condition

Even though there is no dedicated integration into Advanced Ads for the following plugins, you can address ads to different user groups. Add the “user role” visitor condition of Advanced Ads Pro to your ad units and choose from the dropdown menu who will see your advert.

Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member Plugin

Ultimate Member provides a comprehensive toolbox for creating involved community and membership pages. The plugin allows the exact management of different memberships with precisely determinable user rights of the respective user level by checkboxes. Add the User Role visitor condition of Advanced Ads to select those roles for your ad setup.

The plugin also provides useful shortcode functionalities to integrate forms or member lists, for example. Insert these shortcodes into an ad unit from Advanced Ads and auto-inject it into your content to take advantage of both plugins.


The plugin Members offers similar comprehensive functionality as Ultimate Members. So you can use the plugin to create new user roles.

Capabilities help you tailor what users are allowed to do and what they do not. In like fashion, Advanced Ads identifies these user roles with the corresponding visitor condition.

Simple Membership

Simple Membership does not create its own user roles. But the different membership levels you create with the plugin point to your WordPress installation’s existing user roles.

For this reason, you can address ads to those membership levels if you target them with the User Role condition of Advanced Ads.

Membership & Content Restriction – Paid Member Subscriptions

Membership & Content Restriction Plugin

If you are looking for a solution for paid memberships and different subscription plans, consider Content Restriction.

The plugin adds new user roles based on those plans. Accordingly, Advanced Ads Pro recognizes these user roles with the corresponding visitor condition.

s2Member Framework

The S2 member plugin creates four different user roles during installation.

As shown above, you can recognize them with the User Role condition.

Restrict User Access – Membership Plugin with Force

restricted User Access Membership

The situation is similar to the Restrict User Access Plugin. Again, this plugin does not create your own user roles but aligns the different access levels to your WordPress installation’s existing user roles.

As with the previous examples, you can target these user roles with the User Role condition of Advanced Ads Pro.


Joachim started marketing his first local news website in 2009. Shortly after, he successfully monetized his travel blogs about Morocco. He is an expert in affiliate marketing in the tourism and travel industry. When he's not writing tutorials for Advanced Ads or supporting other users, he prefers staying in Marrakech or at the Baltic Sea.

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