Updating Add-ons

A valid license is required to update an add-on. Add-ons as the Ad Slider that come without a license key can only be updated manually.

If automatic updates are available, they will work like the updates WordPress provides for other plugins. You will see if a new version is available either on the Plugins page or on Dashboard > Updates.

You can also find the latest version of your add-ons through your account.

Updating add-ons using composer

Advanced Ads add-ons are currently not available for direct downloads via static URL. As a workaround, you can use the Satispress plugin. It uses WordPress admin functions to check for a new plugin update, and downloads and stores that update in a local repository on your WordPress server. You can then pull this version from there.

See the linked GitHub repository for more information.

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Troubleshooting Add-on updates

If automatic updates via the Plugins page in WP-Admin do not work, this can have several causes.

If you see a warning like, ask your server administrator or hosting company to install or update the cURL.

When you see the Download failed: Unauthorized error, your license is not valid. It might have expired, or the limit of activations is reached.

Please double-check by visiting Advanced Ads > Settings > Licenses and using the Update License button next to your license. This will either fix the problem or give you a more detailed explanation of the problem.

If the license update fails, you either have too many activations used, or the license expired. Please check this in your account.

There may be update issues on a multisite using WPML on the main site with the default settings because the site sends the lang attribute in the URL, e.g., https://example.com/?lang=de. 

If you believe that you are hit by this, then please let us know. We can add that particular URL to your activations to resolve this.

If your license is sufficient and updates are not working for the Advanced Ads add-ons, but for other plugins, it can be one of the following issues:

  • Updates are not working through the Plugins menu but are working through Dashboard > Updates.
  • The plugin folder can’t be created. Please check the writing permissions of your file system or ask your hosting provider.

This issue is caused by permissions issues with the directories and files inside the ZIP package. All plugin folders are set to 777, and plugin files to 640. We recommend using the WP updater to upload plugins or to adjust the ZIP files permissions manually.

If either issue does not match then, please contact us.

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