This page lists a few potential reasons for ads showing up too often.

Please reach out if you experience a scenario that cannot be resolved with the information below.

Check your placements

Since it is very easy to create a new placement after publishing your ads for the first time, you should check Advanced Ads > Placements first. Do you have only one placement per ad position or do you find multiple ones? Just remove duplicates.

AdSense Auto ads

Since October 2019, AdSense can inject Auto Ads on every website, that contains AdSense ad unit code. Auto Ads can now be displayed on any website where you have embedded a manual AdSense ad. AdSense Auto ads decide how many and where to place ads automatically.

You can only disable Auto ads in your AdSense account or remove the code from your site and switch to manually placing AdSense ads, if you want to get the control of the ad placements back.

If you added the Auto ads code through Advanced Ads then just remove the option in Advanced Ads > Settings > AdSense.

Ads appearing in recent or similar post sections

If ads show up in excerpts of recent or similar post sections on your site, you can try to remove them using the Disable ads in secondary queries option in Advanced Ads > Settings > General.

You can also set the Unlimited ad injection option to 0 or 1.

If that doesn’t help then ask the theme or plugin author about how you could remove the the_content filter from the excerpts. If this helps then please let us know and we might be able to add this to the Advanced Ads plugin to help other users, too.

Content placements appearing twice

If content placements are injected multiple times then enable the Disable ads in secondary queries option in Advanced Ads > Settings > General.

Above Header placement

If you are using the Above Header placement in Advanced Ads Pro and see the same ads appearing too on your site, check if you might have more than one <H1> (Headline 1) placed on that page and remove the ones that are not relevant.