When you want to detect and troubleshoot possible conflicts of Advanced Ads with other plugins or your theme, it is helpful to recreate your setup on a test site.

A recreation of your setup provides an independent environment, where you can play and try around without worrying to break your running website. You can create additional admins and users for your test site in order to let others contribute and help.

When you have already estimated possible sources of error as described in our tutorial “How to check for plugin and theme conflicts” without success, it might be the time to let our support have a look at your setup of Advanced Ads.

How to set up a test site

For us to determine whether Advanced Ads causes a plugin or theme conflict, we need to be able to see the issue live and look at the code.

We can do this best in a test environment. There are two options to create one.

Create your own staging site

A staging site is basically a copy of your production site where one can test new plugins or conflicts.

Many dedicated WordPress hosting companies like WP Engine or Siteground support setting up a staging environment automatically.

Alternatively, you can set up a staging site using the free WP Staging plugin. It creates a copy of your website in a subdirectory. Only make sure that you hide the site from search engines under Settings > Reading > Search Engine Visibility.

If your system sends emails to users, e.g. payment reminders or newsletters, then you might want to use a plugin like Disable Emails to stop that on the staging site.

Giving our support access to your test site

After you have created a staging site of your website, you can work with your WordPress dashboard as you know it. Go to Users > Add New to create a new login for anybody you want to have access to your backend. This could be us in order to have a look at your setup of Advanced Ads.

Adding a new user to your staging site
Adding a new user to your test site. WP Staging marks your staging site with a colored toolbar.

Use one of our test sites

If you are not able to provide a staging site, then we can give you access to one of our test sites.

While it might be easier for you if we give you access to a working WordPress site, it could take longer for you to reproduce the issue there.

You can use the Import/Export tool under Advanced Ads > Settings > General > Import/Export to reproduce your ad setup on our test site.

Further Information

If you need help troubleshooting your ad-setup with Advanced Ads Pro or our All Access bundle, just drop us a line.

See also our list of known plugin conflicts and theme conflicts.