Responsive Ads – Documentation

This is the documentation of the Responsive Ads plugin for Advanced Ads.

Set up the fallback width

In some cases, the plugin might not be able to retrieve the browser width and falls back to an assumed width of 768 px. You can change that fallback width in Advanced Ads > Settings > General > Responsive Ads.

Responsive Fallback Width option

Display ads only for specific browser widths

Once you installed and activated the plugin, you can set the browser width a visitor must have to see the ad. Go to the Visitor Conditions meta box on the ad edit screen and create a new visitor condition with the browser width type.

new browser width condition

Once you added the condition you can choose whether the browser of the user must have a specific width or a width higher or lower than that to see the ad.

browser width choices

You can also combine multiple browser width conditions to set a range. The following example is a setup to display an ad only on browsers with a width between 480 and 767 pixels.

browser width range

Display ads for tablets

While the default mobile visitor condition includes smartphone and tablet devices, the Responsive add-on has a dedicated condition for tablets only.

You can find it among the visitor conditions and select whether to show or hide the ad on such devices.

In order to target smartphones only, you should use the following setup:

mobile yes tablet not setup

Frontend assistant

If you have troubles finding the correct ad size, you can activate the frontend assistant. This will allow you to see the size of your ad, ad container and window in the frontend.

The following screenshot shows how the frontend assistant displays the ad size, the available width and the window with. These information should help you to find the correct size to set up for your ad.

ad size frontend assistant

To activate the assistant go to Advanced Ads > Settings > General > Activate size assistant. Only logged in users (admins) will see the helper.

AdSense Responsive Ads

The Responsive add-on comes with a dedicated support to set up specific sizes for AdSense responsive ads. Setting up specific sizes instead of using the auto sizing feature that is coming with AdSense responsive ad units can boost your income even more. You can define the default size of the ad as well as sizes for custom browser widths without the need to code.

AdSense responsive sizes form

This feature is explained in more detail in the tutorial How to set up AdSense Responsive ads with custom sizes in WordPress.

List of responsive ads

You can use the list of responsive ads to see if your responsive ads are set up correctly. You can access the following view under Advanced Ads > Advanced Ads > List of responsive ads by browser width (page bottom).

visual list of responsive ads settings
visual list of responsive ads settings

The dark places in the visualization are the sizes where the ad is visible. E.g. the Medium Rectangle ad that belongs to the Sidebar group is visible in browsers with a width ranging from 0 to 1000 pixels.

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