An “ad product” is a combination of options regarding ads. Some of them influence what clients are able to purchase, others define how the ad behaves after being purchased.

When you have the Selling Ads add-on and WooCommerce installed, you will find your ad product in the Products > Products menu in your WordPress admin panel.

Product name

The publicly visible title of the ad product. It helps, if this is a bit descriptive, e.g. “First Medium Rectangle in right Sidebar”.


This is the detailed description of the product. You could explain the options, e.g. placements a bit more or explain some details about the offer, especially, if there are some custom conditions you need to set up specifically for each order. You should also comment if there are limitations regarding display or visitor conditions with this ad (e.g. only specific pages, desktop only, etc.)

Product Data

Select the Advanced Ads product type in order to see the ad specific options and also to handle ad products in the frontend correctly.


Please ignore this section, if you still see it.

Available ad types

Which ad types clients can purchase.

  • HTML – customers can upload HTML, CSS, JavaScript or plain text content,
  • Image – customers can upload an image.

Customer can buy per …

This option determines how the ad is limited.

  • Flat price – if you have a custom setup that needs more control
  • Days – purchase the ad space for a number of days starting on the publishing date
  • Impressione & Clicks – available with the Tracking add-on

Detailed overview of the ad sales types.

Price options

Set up different prices and pricing options.

Basic meaning: public label | value | price


1 Month |1| 100
2 Months |2| 180
3 Months |3| 250

The second statement/specification value is only important for types like days, clicks, or impressions. For flat price it only needs to be unique for each option. Customers can select from these options.

Available Placements

Select the placement to which the ad is injected after being published. If you select multiple placements, the customer can choose. If you select none, you have to place the ad manually after the purchase was made and the ad accepted.

If an ad is sold for a placement that is already linked to a group, then the new ad is automatically added to that group with a weight of 5. By playing with the weight of the ads already in the group, you can accomplish various setups. E.g.,

  • If you already have an ad in the group and want the sold ad to rotate evenly with the existing ad then give the existing ad the weight 5.
  • You can use a fallback ad in an “ordered” group with a weight below 5. As soon as a new ad is sold, it will display instead of the existing one. When the sold ad expires, the existing ad is displayed again.

Product Short Description

A short summary of your product description that appears as a short description on the top of the single product pages.

Product Image

Upload a product image, which appears on the shop overview and on the single product page.

Upload more images, which appear as a gallery under the product image on the single page.

See on the screenshot below where each of the options is displayed later.

Selling ads product overview

Next step: Ad sales types

Known issues

Price options might not show up if your theme has a custom single product page. Advanced Ads Selling Ads needs the woocommerce_template_single_add_to_cart() function to run there in order to add its fields.