Issues after updates

If you experience issues, errors, or strange behavior of your ads after updating Advanced Ads, please check the following steps.

All ads disappeared

Most common reasons for ads disappearing after a plugin update.

Ads didn’t show up before

In most cases where users realize that their ads vanished, the update was just a reason for them to look, but not the actual cause.

Please check Ads not showing up for the most common, general problems.

Advanced Ads Pro users

When using Advanced Ads Pro with the Cache Busting feature enabled, an outdated version of the script files or broken JavaScript is the most common cause of issues.

Outdated script files

Make sure to update any script caching after updating Advanced Ads Pro. Among the most common ones are:

  • your browser cache
  • local script optimization and caching plugins like WP Rocket, Litespeed Cache, WP Fastest Cache or Autoptimize
  • caching and script optimization from your host
  • Cloudflare cache
  • Sucuri cache (even if you only use their firewall)
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

If you enabled the Ad blocker fix in Advanced Ads, use the Rebuild asset folder option under Advanced Ads > Settings > General > Ad blocker file folder. It should update automatically with official updates but might not run if you tested a beta version or reverted to a previous one.

JavaScript issues

Any JavaScript issue introduced by the update or another plugin or theme could affect ad delivery. See Using your Browser to Diagnose JavaScript errors to find them.

If the issue is related to scripts in another plugin or theme, please test for plugin or theme conflicts.

Please reach out to us if you were able to identify the issue.

Other common issues

Update all plugins and WordPress

Some features or changes affect multiple plugins. In such cases, we release all related updates within one day or two. Make sure to keep all plugins up to date.

Please also keep all other plugins on your site and WordPress itself updated.

Check the changelogs

You can see the changes that come with an update before updating the plugin in WP Admin. The changelog contains a list of significant changes and fixes you can check before updating.

If you have already updated, find the changelog in the readme.txt and changelog.txt file in the plugin folder under wp-content/plugins/.

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class XYZ not found

You might see this error when the plugin update is interrupted or the upload does not override all files. We have also seen this happening when pushing the update from a staging to a live site.

  1. Delete the plugin through the Plugins menu or FTP – no data is lost unless you enable Advanced Ads > Settings > General > Delete data on uninstall.
  2. Reinstall the plugin again from the zip file

If a full reinstall didn’t help, please remove the plugin, clear all your site caches, and install it again. We have one user reporting that this helped.

White screen or visible error message

Either the backend of your site or the frontend is white or shows an error message.


We introduced a critical bug, or there is a conflict with another plugin or the theme.


If an error message relates to a path in another plugin or theme, please confirm it by testing plugin or theme conflicts. If you can verify that the error has disappeared, reach out to their developers.

If there is a visible error message or WordPress sent you an email with the error related to Advanced Ads, please forward it to our support.

If there is no visible error, enable WP_DEBUG_LOG to catch one.

In the meantime, disable the plugin or revert to a previous version (see below).

Plugin disabled itself

Check if the updated plugin is still enabled if all its features vanished after the update. Navigate to Plugins and check if the updated plugin is still enabled.


If you installed a WordPress plugin in a different folder from the one Advanced Ads uses by default, an update will remove the old folder and create a new one. The changed directory causes WordPress to no longer find the activated version and so disable it.


Re-enable the plugin. The issue should not happen again if you don‘t change the plugin folder name.

Check your custom code

If you made customizations to Advanced Ads directly or using any hooks, please check if they are still working.

The destination folder already exists

If you get the error message “Destination folder already exists.” when trying to install an add-on by Advanced Ads, you probably already have it installed. Please update the installed version from your backend. You can also deactivate and delete your old add-on and install a new version manually.

What else can you try

Try a previous version

Switching back to the version that worked before the update can help. You can download an older version of the base Advanced Ads plugin here.

All Access users find previous versions of premium add-ons in their account.

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Reach out to our support

If the steps above did not resolve the issue, our support team is here to help. Just drop us a line and describe your problem with the following details:

  • Where on your website did the error occur?
  • Screenshots showing the issue in the backend and on your website are helpful.
  • You can also send us a video of a screen recording (e.g., using
  • Please send error messages from your WordPress backend or browser console if you have.

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