If you are unable to activate your license, please check the following solutions:

First, please check your account, if your license is still valid and you have enough activations left.

Did you purchase a Bundle (deprecated)? In this case, there is an additional license key that is not for activation. You only need it if you want to renew your license manually – which is normally not needed due to the subscriptions. Use the key that comes with every single add-on to activate it.

Make sure to disable your ad blocker in your browser or anti-virus software.

Try a few minutes later. When there are multiple license activation requests to our website, it might fail individual connections. Please try again a few minutes later.

If you have a firewall then please disable it or whitelist all calls made to https://wpadvancedads.com.

If the button doesn’t react at all then it could also be caused by a JavaScript issue. Please check your browser console for any errors and let us know if they are caused by Advanced Ads.

There seems to be an issue when /wp-admin is installed in a subfolder, e.g., /wp-admin/dev. Please contact us directly if you are experiencing that problem.

Update your server / ask your hosting company to do that for you, especially

  • using the latest version of cURL
  • use a “stable” and not a “legacy” PHP version

Blocked by our Firewall

If you see a warning that you are blocked by our firewall then please copy the IP address given next to the error and contact us.

Debug modus

Advanced Ads has a debug modus for license activations. Instead of the license activation or deactivation, it shows the response from our server. That can be helpful if a firewall or other technical problem breaks the activation.

You’d need to add the following line to your wp-config.php file to enable it.


Please try again to activate your license after you added this constant. You should see a lot of code now. Please make a screenshot or text copy and send it to us.

You must make sure the that the above code is removed from wp-config.php again or license activation won’t work.